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Saturday Art: Denver Botanic Gardens “Blossoms of Light”

DSC_0058Thursday we had a bunch of snow here in Denver. It stopped snowing about 4:00 in the afternoon and there was about 9 inches at my house!

Jennifer and Dave (OMB here at FDL) are visiting for the holidays and they along with Mr. B decided to go over and check out the annual “Blossom of Lights” at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

They do it up a little different every year, and Mr. B said that between the brand new snow and how they have arranged everything this year, including heating some ponds so they could keep the fountains running (which you can see in the video the Gardens produced) that this was one of the better years, hands down.

These are all pictures OMB took. The snow was quite cooperative and the timing good; I think these turned out pretty neat.

Click on any of them for the large version/better detail.


Looking North, with the giant Greenhouse Dome at the rear

Here’s a gallery:

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And a little slide show that shows some of the “Dancing Trees” bit:

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Kelly Canfield

Kelly Canfield