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Xmas Memories: The Good, The Bad and The May I Have a Do-over?

Good Saturday morning to you loyal commenters and readers of Pull Up a Chair. Brrr… another chilly winter morn. Grab a cuppa and come sit with the Comfy Chair People.

I don’t think there are many of us human beans who haven’t wanted a Do-Over moment. And, sometimes it happens at Christmas time. Because, whether we celebrate at church or a bowling alley or online, we have memories of past holidays and other times where the moment was so incredibly heart-stopping, spine tingling Momentous – in a good way, or where it was shoulder-shrugging embarrassing, or fist-clenching, blood-boiling anger provoking.

It’s Life. It happens. But, on this Christmas Eve morning I wanted to say “It is what it is.” We just can’t sweat every moment. Ahhhhhh.

So, let me ask you…

Has anyone had a moment as bad as Ralphie in The Christmas Story, when he descends the steps in his pink bunny pajamas? If so, I’d love to hear about it. I’m pretty sure others would like to smile too. Why not laugh about it all these years later? Laugh, and let it go….

Could it be that someone here has experienced the joy that George Bailey did, holding Zuzu under the Xmas tree when she says “Teacher says, whenever you hear a bell ring, an angel gets his wings?” We could give you a prize, here and now if you share that story.

Or, if anything in this post or another’s comments evokes a tingling thought…jump right in and tell us.

I found an interesting paged called Our Favorite Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  It’s a whole thing, I’m not kidding.  Google it.  🙂

But, if you don’t wanna do Ugly Christmas Sweaters or have fuzzy warm or whatever else memories, here are some links to some Xmas silliness which I had much fun finding:

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer:

Weird Al Yankovich, It’s Christmas at Ground Zero.

There’s a ton of stuff out there….so if that floats your Christmas Yacht, have fun surfing and share some links with us.

I wish everyone here the most blissed out, stress-free weekend. Be good to yourselves and never never ever stop Keeping the Faith!

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