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Newt:”Virginia ballot disaster? Did it on purpose, love a challenge. The write in campaign starts today, Thelma & Louise are handling get out the vote transportation.”

I know that I am overworking the Thelma and Louise reference, but surely the astonishing, unprecedented, failure of a front running aspirant to get his name on an important ballot is a direct consequence of having lost his entire staff of professionals.

I suppose there is a bit of irony in that these very same aforementioned professionals Dave Carney and Rob Johnson, jumped from Newt to Perry, who also failed in the essential housekeeping chore of ballot access management. Johnson has been on death watch since the end of November, and this fiasco can't improve his chances of longevity as campaign manager.

We can only marvel at how quickly Newt managed to vindicate all the shit talkers who denigrated his reliability, organizational skills, and seriousness of purpose,

Too bad, he would have been an easy general election loss. Oh, and, by the way, there's no write ins on the Virginia primary ballot. Can't anybody here play this game??

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