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God and America

As an American that believes the greatest freedom that our
ancestor’s gave us is the freedom to accept or reject the theory that there is
a God. This American believes that God speaks to us loud and clear through
history and nature. I am just afraid of Evangelical Law as I am of Sharia law.
History is very clear that the rich and powerful have used narrow minded
religious zealots as pawns to divide, conquer and oppress throughout history. I
invested a lot of work and money to help elect President Obama because history
told me that our Black Leaders proved they could march through hell ever since
our Civil War to non-violently promote a Just Society for their People.

History tells me religions have evolved the same as human
beings. I believe the foundation of Christianity is that God asks Human beings
to be Good Samaritans. That does not make us a Christian or Evangelical Nation.
If Americans would follow the money I think they would find out the Tea Party
was formed to counter our young people who had gotten wise to where the
Evangelicals that elected George W. Bush twice were taking our Nation.

This last year made me almost give up on the thought that
there is a God. I had completely given up any hope when President Obama caved
again when he swore he would veto any attempt by the Republicans to black mail
us into giving them the oil pipe line to make the rich richer.

Low and behold the Republicans could not have given American
a better Christmas present when they took the bait. They proved beyond a
reasonable doubt that they have no regard for the less fortunate.

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True American

True American