Occupie: Tami Hurley (via Occupy San Luis Obispo's Facebook Page)

Occupy San Luis Obispo is still standing as of Christmas eve (day 66). On December 21 the occupiers made a feast for the solstice. Here are reports from three occupiers.

The Winter Solstice dinner at Occupy SLO successfully fed approximately 30 individuals, some of whom were part of San Luis Obispo’s homeless population. Many of the ‘professionals’ walking to and from the courthouse smiled as they passed by and a few even commented on how nice and delicious the spread looked. Everyone in attendance appreciated the warm meal and even warmer feeling of community at the camp. This gathering was the perfect way to bring the Occupiers together to celebrate not only the holidays but also what we all contribute when we Occupy.

Thanks to everyone who helped get this great feast together! It looked great at the court, Christmas trees and all the great food. I met one girl who just came into town and was wondering what she could eat with some change she had. She was so excited to find us and appreciated the meal. This is a direct action of taking care of a basic need we all have and not waiting for others to do something about it. We are coming together, being human and supporting each other the best way we know how.

As for the feast! OMG! Both turkeys were totally stripped and the stuffing was, well gone as well. As for the gravy, there was a run on that too. Other great eats that showed up were, yams, mashed potatoes, berry pie, apple pie, peach cobbler, a brandy cake, couscous, rolls and butter, split pea soup, cranberry sauce, veggie stir fry, green bean casserole, all the coffee you could drink, bacon wrapped dates, goose chiles and beans, skewered shrimp, plates, bowls, cups, utensils, and other stuff I can’t remember. All of it was gobbled up, There were NO leftovers and everyone was satisfied beyond their expectations.

Thanks to the cooks, and thank you to Firedoglake, you helped make it all possible.

Reported by Laura, Maggie, Barbara and cadogblog
ps. I spotted a tracking notice from Fedex in my in box, something’s on the way !