The plot thickens just in time for the holidays, as it generally does for some reason vis a vis the troll-related contretemps of the infoboobtubes and its discontents. Much in the same way that emotional crises and suicides escalate during the season to be jolly, I have long noted a similar tendency toward enflamed blogging pathologies during the run-up to Christmas-time, especially. But the peculiar psychopathy of the blogging world and its relationship to real-life mental illnesses is another subject for a different day, best saved for next July 4th, perhaps? 

For now, we have newz to report, so let us don we now our gay apparel and, Tra-la-la, get right to it.

First, some background context for those who have not been keeping score at home.This series of journalistic-like dramaturgies focuses generally on a battle waged online and in the courts between groups of individuals aligned with conservative politics/Andrew Breitbart, on the one hand, and progressive politics/Anthony Weiner, OTOH. 

These diaries are not meant to implicate Mssrs. Breitbart and Weiner in the evolving hijinks upon which I report, for I have no knowledge of either man’s involvement. Rather, I mention both gentlemen here as totems, or ideological battle flags if you will, within the overarching context of the Troll Wars, whose raison d etre stems from escalating provocations of the recent past attributed to Breitbart and his associates, such as the YouTube trolling of Obama Administration official Shirley Sherrod and the hoaxing of ACORN, by Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe.

In response to these events, which have garnered much mainstream media attention, serving to roil and enrage the progressive blogosphere in the process, certain left-wing bloggers and activists reacted by launching “,” a website that seeks donations from the public, targeting the sensibilities of leftists who are angered by the shenanigans pulled on Sherrod and ACORN in particular. Ostensibly, the purpose of soliciting donations is to fund activities which will eventually lead to the, uhhhm, indictment of Andrew Breitbart and his associates.

The specific focus of this series of dairies entitled “The Troll Wars” has been on the civil court proceedings between Brett Kimberlin and Socrates, in which Kimberlin last month obtained a default judgment and an injunction enjoining Socrates against defaming Kimberlin or interfering with his “business relations,” two of which happen to be the websites “” and “”.…

Kimberlin filed his lawsuit in Maryland, and Socrates, a self-described amateur cybersleuth living outside Boston on a modest inheritance, chose not to contest the civil proceedings due to his relative poverty and inability to fund a legal defense, for which adequate representation in civil lawsuits can cost as much as $50,000 or more.

Socrates has blogged extensively during the prior several years about the activities of certain participants with whom he engaged initially at the “Democratic Underground” and the related milieu surrounding that website, including Kimberlin, Brad Friedman (BradBlog), Jeff Wells, Andy Stephenson, Larisa Alexandrovna, Jason Leopold, Raw Story and a host of others too numerous to include here. His diaries exploring Kimberlin’s criminal history and recent/current political activism caught the attention of Mandy Nagy, AKA Liberty Chick, who writes for Breitbart’s BigJournalism website.…

Socrates’ case first became something of a cause celebre among the posters on Patterico’s Pontifications, a conservative blog run by an assistant Los Angeles County District Attorney, when Kimberlin announced in an email to Patterico (subsequently posted on the blog) that he was filing a lawsuit against Socrates. Patterico’s Pontifications was co-moderated at that time by “Aaron Worthing,” who also claims to be an attorney.

In early December, apparently as a result of comments Socrates posted on “”, Kimberlin filed a motion for contempt of the injunction. A “show cause” hearing has been set by the Court for January 9, 2012 to consider this latest motion. On November 21, Kimberlin filed a notice to the court that he has requested criminal contempt charges against Socrates.

Also in early December, Kimberlin contacted Soapblox, the host site for Pffugeecamp, informing them that potentially “illegal” speech is posted on pffugeecamp and requested that the comments be removed. This action may ultimately have additional, severe consequences for Pffugeecamp’s continuing ability to exist as a “free speech” website where banning, except in the event of criminality or outing, is prohibited.

Here is Laura, the proprietor of pffugeecamp, discussing the situation in comments she made on her blog last week:


[Soapblox] prefaced it by saying that they’d been contacted by Kimberlin and added that without legal specifics it’s not something they’d address.


Like Soapblox, I will not delete items or ban people on whims or 3rd party legal threats. Because of that policy if legal rulings do arise that make this blog’s content illegal, there is nothing I can do about it. If Soapblox is contacted with concrete legal specifics, if such exist, they have informed me that this blog will be deleted, and I will be banned from Soapblox. So in my choice to uphold fairness, I have taken that risk.…

Socrates, in his ongoing search for pro bono legal assistance, turned to Aaron Worthing for help. Unfortunately for Socrates, Worthing couldn’t do much for him because the latter is not licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland.

Now, however, thanks to the continuous efforts of Kimberlin, Socrates appears to have caught a break in his case. From Worthing’s blog:



But [Kimberlin] has made a very serious tactical error.  You see up until now, it has just been him against [Socrates] and [Soc]…  God bless him, but he is not a very good advocate for himself.  I hate to say that and possibly hurt his feelings, but it’s the truth.  I, on the other hand, am a pretty good advocate.  There have been a number of people who have claimed that I am not really a lawyer, etc. They are about to be disabused of that notion permanently when I file my response to Mr. Kimberlin in court, hopefully by COB tomorrow. I can say with some confidence that no one reading my filing will doubt that I am a real lawyer.

And you see here’s the thing. My response is not going to be limited to trying to prevent Mr. Kimberlin from getting my identity. This motion to compel depends on having a viable injunction against [Socrates]  in the first place. Therefore I have standing to challenge the validity of the injunction against [Socrates]. So where up until now [Socrates] had no one to help him in court, he will have me to help him. Indeed, Mr. Kimberlin has forced me into a position in which it is in my best interest to try to help [Socrates] by getting his injunction dismissed.

Free-lance journalist Ron Brynaert has also taken an active interest in the case, and his reporting may be accessed here:…

Worthing also makes note of Brynaert’s involvement:


So for two days last week Ron Brynaert and I tangled. It started when he wrote a silly and unhinged post attacking me and I responded with a post, here, exposing his poor logic and serial factual inaccuracies, most of which appeared to be intentional. Now a grown up man would admit his errors, and move on with his life, perhaps a little humbler. But we aren’t talking about a mature man, we are talking about Ron Brynaert.So later that evening he wrote to various officials at Yale University in an attempt to out me, as an act of crude thuggery and I published a post about this attempt, roundly mocking Mr. Brynaert’s serial factual inaccuracies and generally pathetic attempt at outing me.

Later that evening I saw where Ron Brynaert had attempted to contact a long-time internet rival trying to obtain my real identity and being hilariously and humiliatingly rebuffed in his attempt, which became the subject of a new post the next day.

So two days in a row, Ron Brynaert tried and apparently failed to obtain my true identity and you might have reasonably wondered: did he try a third time?

He did not. His associate Brett Kimberlin did.



The fact that Worthing will now be able to assist him should provide some good, welcome holiday cheer for Socrates.

coughYalecoughUniversitycough cough

In closing, here is part of that rather excellent response to Brynaert from Worthing’s “long time internet rival,”  presumably a leftier than thou attorney, who succinctly characterises the attitudes and activities of the so-called “progressive” combatants in these Troll Wars:

(bolding added)


But what you are proposing — trying to destoy him professionally — makes Aaron’s tactics look outright Churchillian by comparison. Seriously, man. Liberals should be people of ideas, not asshole blowhards on the Internet. Your boner to bring down Aaron makes you — and by extension, liberals — look like a-hole children. Worse than that, the fact that you’re doing it BADLY with messed-up conspiracy theories, etc., makes you an ineffectual tinfoil-hat-wearing a-hole child.