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Occupy Hilo so far…

In Hilo, we are not camping (yet) but we have been holding sign wavings, rallies and other protests for well over 2 months now to raise awareness on a lot of issues. We have been meeting formally and holding General Assemblies for 7 weeks to pool our ideas and energies into direct actions. We are a small but determined and passionate bunch. Ten of us stood in solidarity with the West Coast Port Shutdown last week at the Port Authority in Hilo and peacefully held signs very close to their imaginary 10 foot away from the fence line. They were very nervous. Our main weekly protest is in front of Merrill Lynch, and they have hired extra security guards on Mondays because of us. Grassy, weedy medians in downtown Hilo have been dug up, amended and replanted with food. Public testimony has been delivered at County council meetings on buildings codes, redistricting and other local issues. Countless petitions have been circulated and signed and letters have been written to editors, congressmen, and the president.

This past weekend, we held a Christmas party and General Assembly in Wailoa State Park and heard from a guest speaker representing the Nation of Hawaii who had much to teach us about organizing peaceful protest vigils on our island. We feed each other, teach each other, support each other, and try to make the world a better place for everyone in the process.

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