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“Emoprogs,” “Puritopians,” and other such nonsense

wtf is this shit?

Here’s an explainer:

We’re all supposed to be in this together – liberals, progressives, old socialists and reformed communists, all of the same basic leftist stripe. Some know better than others that politics is a contact sport, and that compromise is the name of the game. Some know better than others that constant pressure must be kept on elected officials to get even a small portion of our agenda enacted into law. And some are simply too young or inexperienced to have a full grasp of the process.

This is where social media was supposed to be our edge. Lefties trend younger, more tech savvy and more open to legitimate debate. If you want to be a dittohead, Rush Limbaugh is always looking for more recruits. But here on the left, we understand the power of even the smallest idea from the least likely of sources. We were supposed to be the champions of crowdsourcing and on-line organizing. Instead, we’ve splintered into cliques that are increasingly more interested in personality cults than policy.

And one of the most pervasive and stupid of the cliques is the anti-“emoprog” crowd. Let’s see if we can follow the logic: criticizing President Obama is tantamount to treason, apparently, so his policies should be supported no matter what. OK, so far, given that the alternative is reactionary and less desirable in most cases. And to enforce this “my President right or wrong” approach, they have decided that there should be no dissention in the ranks. OK, I’m fading but still following. Now we enforce that mindset by creating dissention in the ranks. And I’m lost.

So here”s a question to the ABLs and JeffersonObamas and other “Obama, right or wrong” crowd:

What will you do after Obama steps down, and a President Newt or Rubio or whoever inherits the authority to detain Americans indefinitely, when he’s not killing them without a trial?

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