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Ron Paul: “I didn’t write the newsletters. I don’t hold those views” I’m starting to really like this guy…

Jacked directly up by Sean Hannity after the most recent debates, Ron Paul flat out repudiates the disgusting racist crap published in his eponymous newsletter some time ago.

I'm inclined to take him at his word–He could, after all, only have two acceptable responses:

To repudiate, and deny authorship

To repudiate and confess authorship.

As long has he repudiates, why should I disqualify him from  providing the incalculably valuable service that would be the juxtaposition in debate of his reasoned libertarianism against Obama's corporate statism?

Isolationism, after all, is good for the rest of the patients in the hospital–you isolate the psychotic. (That would be us, as an international player…)

I will give him a pass on the repudiated garbage, in view of his exemplary declaration that Bradley Manning is a hero.

As to the possibility of redemption for a prior racist, we have examples of some who have gone on to do real good in the world.

Hugo Black. let us recall, rose to the initial political prominance from which FDR plucked him for Supreme Court Greatness, via KKK membership.  Paul's opposition to the genocidal war on people of color soi-disant "war on drugs"), if vindicated, would do more for civil rights than any legislative mandate.

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