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NOM’s Top Ten Biggest Gaffes Of 2011

Equality Matters has given an excellent Christmas present by releasing the National Organization for Marriage’s Top Ten Gaffes of 2011.

I’m amazed that the site could narrow it down to 10. But I am also pleased by its choices.

Of course there is Maggie Gallagher’s now infamous Thanksgiving video:

But surprisingly, this moment didn’t made number 1.

Check out the full list.  I promise that you will enjoy it as much as I did:

10. “A Link Is Not An Endorsement”

9. NOM Gets Caught Lying For Money

8. Brian Brown Can’t Do TV

7. The Bus Tour Nobody Cared About

6. NOM Declares Victory… Right Before Losing

5. Brian Brown Gets Caught At Gingrich Fundraiser

4. Maggie Gallagher “Talks Turkey”

3. NOM Learns About Hotlinking

2. NOM’s Photoshopped Supporters

1. NOM Defector Tells All

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Alvin McEwen

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