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Late Night FDL: Fluffy White Couch Dogs – The Beginning

Hello and welcome to Late Night Wednesday!

Tonight we bring you, once again, Penny and Petey, the Fluffy White Couch Dogs. Here they are as tiny little furballs, round about twelve weeks old. Penny chews unconcernedly on her beef-stick-looking-type thing (bull pizzle? pepperoni sausage? cinnamon stick?), whereas Petey looks up from his stick and stares into the camera with Demon Puppy eyes. This was at the stage where they would run around and around like dingoes on speed for about fifteen minutes, then collapse on the spot and snooze where they fell. In about twenty minutes, they’d be up again, ready for more fun and duels with their most hated enemy, the ferocious Bumble Ball.

As always, gaze upon the fluffy furballs and let the cares of the day melt away.

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