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Hey, I finally played the game …

Just wanted to let everyone know I got my new video game.  It’s only for the PC right now, but after playing it, I can say it will spread to other platforms.

It’s awesome!

It’s a fully immersive 1st person role-playing game.  You start of waking up as a “self-made” man, ie. trust-fund baby. You can choose your age between 20-30.  And from here the options are limitless.

And throughout the game, you are given hints as to what to do.

I just wanted to explore the game, so when I woke up, I wanted to go out and explore this new virtual world.  As I headed to the door, my butler entered with a tray of food.  Placing you mouse over he food tells you what each is and how much each costs.  My breakfast totaled near $600.  At this point the game suggested I berate the butler to “keep him in line”.  It’s just a game.  So I took the rolled up paper (as thick as the Sunday version), and without warning, hit the butler on the side of the head.  And my points increased by 50.  So I did it again, but this time I hit the front of the butler’s face.  Now only increased by 10.  Another hit, this time aiming for the eye, but only 5 points increased.  So of course being an “innovator” I took the whole tray from the butler, and smashed the tray into his face.  Woohoo, 25 points.  The butler of course is now writhing on the ground with all that hot coffee all over his face and 3rd degree burns.  As I walked by I gave a quick kick to his face, and got another 15 points plus a blood bonus as his blood spread on the carpet.

So I go to the closet to get ready to go out.  All electronic controls.  When it opens, the “closet” is bigger than my real bedroom by about 5 times.  And in it, wall to wall clothes.  A quick mouse-over shows suits from $5000 to $10000 and up.  Shoes are $1000 and up.  Well my inner voice is asking who the fuck pays $1000 for a fucking shoe.  But it’s just a game.

Well the game’s really good.  There’s a lot more.  I will update.

But there’s so much to do and so many Fed up ways to get points.  When you’re driving your limo, you get extra points for running over the homeless (you get less points if your chauffeur does it so make sure you drive over the homeless yourself).  Your limo is armed and there are guns for you to use (the uzi rocks).  Bonus for gunning down the elderly and children.  Bonus if they are also homeless.  Homeless children are worth 100 points.  125 points if you run over them (I think extra points because children are agile).

You can break any law you want, but make sure you pay off the police and the politicians.  Oh ya, and the judges and lawyers.  With the politicians, you have to pay them off regularly.  And with this game paying off the politicians is fun.  They never accept the money directly so you have to “lobby” them.

You also own a corporation.  1000 points if you can crash it through incompetence or fraud.  Another 1000 points if you can get the politicians to bail you out.  And this game will give you more points based on the number of families you can destroy from your company.  But you have to make money from the act or no points.

Start a war with another country, more points.

Corporate media propaganda, more points.

I will update when I try more of these things.  Awesome game.  It’s called Rugged Capitalism.  Try it out.

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