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The Greedy Gay-Bashing Bullies Of The Thomas More Law Center

In October of 2010, many public schools observed the first Spirit Day, which honors gay students lost to bullycide, and aims — through various means — to educate to reduce future LGBT bullycides.

In response to that first Spirit Day, many vicious anti-gay bullies lashed out in hatred.

Midland, Arkansas School Board Member Clint McCance took to a non-confidential Facebook forum and said “Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers committed suicide. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide. I can’t believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed thereselves because of their sin.” McCance also said “being a fag doesn’t give you the right to ruin the rest of our lives. If you get easily offended by being called a fag then don’t tell anyone you are a fag. Keep that shit to yourself. I don’t care how people decide to live their lives. They don’t bother me if they keep it to thereselves. It pisses me off though that we make a special purple fag day for them. I like that fags cant procreate. I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other aids and die.”

In Michigan’s Howell High School, student Daniel Glowacki — who apparently is against all public school education programs that seek to vanquish ignorance-fueled, bullying non-acceptance of gay human beings — became disruptive in teacher Jay McDowell’s classroom. McDowell was exercising his discretion to make the focus of the day’s lesson in Economics the struggle against anti-gay bullies. Bigot critics say McDowell should have been teaching about economics – they of course ignore that when, through bullying ignorance, LGBT students are hounded out of achieving their full academic and professional potentials, they personally are negatively impacted economically and are not as productive as they otherwise would be for the economy generally.

McDowell asked a student wearing a Confederate flag in the classroom to remove it, whereupon Daniel Glowacki allegedly asked why the student could not wear the Confederate flag but people in the class could wear purple or display a Rainbow Flag for Spirit Day. I wrote “allegedly,” because various published accounts of what happened quote Glowacki differently apropos of what happened in class that day. The gist is that McDowell gave an explanation of what the Confederate flag and the Rainbow Flag symbolize.  In the ensuing back-and-forth between teacher and student, Glowacki, in the middle of a lesson aimed at educating to prevent LGBT bullycides said that because he is Catholic, he refuses to accept gay people.  Again — that is the gist of what happened. Unless somebody comes up with a tape recording from the classroom that day, no outsider can know for sure what was said.  The evidence in this is hearsay. In any event, McDowell felt that Glowacki had become disruptive and sent him to the school office.

The school principal disagreed with McDowell’s disciplinary action – and in fact disciplined McDowell, suspending him without pay for one day. McDowell filed a grievance and the school rescinded the penalty.  McDowell maintained he had acted appropriately to maintain order in his classroom.  He said this: “I believe any symbol or speech that can cause a student to sit in fear in the classroom whether or not there is an outward show of that fear is by its very nature a disruption to the educational process.”  Agreeing with McDowell, the Howell Education Association released this statement: “The Howell Education Association is dismayed that administrators have chosen to suspend and reprimand a teacher for upholding Howell High School’s very mission statement. We, the Howell Education Association, are proud that Mr. McDowell has the moral fiber and integrity to stand up to intolerant speech, as well as symbols of hate in our community and in our classroom.”

Glowacki and his mother Sandra Glowacki are now doubling down on their bullying non-acceptance of gay human beings.  Through the Thomas More Law Center – which describes itself as “The Sword and Shield for People of Faith” – the Glowacki family is suing the school and seeking to have the Howell Public School District’s anti-bullying policy declared unconstitutional.

A word about how the Thomas More Law Center operates is now in order. TMLC does not charge those it represents; it is publicly supported with donations. I, personally believe that the majority of cases TMLC files are legally bogus — and contrived mainly as fund-raising vehicles aimed at gullible suckers. TMLC’s 2009 tax form 990 — (the 990 is an IRS Tax Return from an Organization Exempt from Income Tax) — appears to show that the only case that year for which TMLC was awarded money by a court did not even cover the compensation that year to TMLC attorney Richard Thompson — $236, 572 — and TMLC attorney Robert Muise — $192,227. Attorneys operating on a contingency fee basis could not continue in practice this way — losing cases (and losing other people’s money) — unless they were independently wealthy. Readers should note that the TMLC attempts to hoodwink the public by saying it has been called “the Christian response to the ACLU,” even though the TMLC and the ACLU have come to the defense of some of the same jerks, for example, Pastor Terry Jones.

The Glowackis’ case is a humdinger, written as though in ignorance of all previous U.S. court cases involving public school students’ free speech rights. Nevertheless, TMLC is creating advertising copy out of the Complaint document, begging for blood money from political gay bashers. The document stinks of ignorance-fueled, Catholicism-based bullying non-acceptance of gay human beings. Though TMLC attorney Robert Muise has no knowledge of the reasons why Tyler Clementi committed suicide, he asserts in this court document that Tyler killed himself because he felt “Embarrassed and ashamed.” Totally without shame, the gay-bashing attorney Muise goes on to write that the purpose of the Howell schools’ anti-bullying policy “is to shift the blame, guilt, and shame felt by homosexuals onto those who oppose homosexuality on moral and religious grounds.”

That obnoxious bullshit might play well to the people from whom TMLC hopes to attract donations, but is so false in terms of the scientifically-ascertained human psychology of the matter as not to be dignified with an explanation of why it is total bullshit. An irony in this is that whereas the TMLC’s document asserts a Catholic right to bully and harass LGBT people in public schools with anti-gay, anti-scientific stuff and nonsense, the Catholic Bishops of Michigan withdrew support from the proposed Matt Epling anti-bullying law when Republican legislators tried to include a so-called “religious exemption” in it. In the Michigan Bishops’ opinion, religious liberty was not to be construed as an excuse to bully gay people in a public school.

Read Muise’s Complaint document. He repeatedly explains why Catholicism condemns homosexuality, as though the Catholicism-based bigotry would stand up to rational, non-theocratic examination and as though the Catholic Church did not have a very long and disgraceful history of bullying. Often in European history, for example, monarchs and/or governments would conspire with the Vatican to strip Jews of rights and to steal their property and to keep it for themselves. The Spanish Inquisition is but one example of that.  The Vatican’s art and manuscript collections include items apparently stolen from Jews. In 1466, Pope Paul II force-fed Jews and then made them run races naked through the streets of Rome for the amusement of his fellow Catholics. Yet that theocratic hierarchy and its followers have the towering nerve to claim that the Pope is “infallible.”  There is no legal validity to Catholic claims that homosexuality must be rejected, yet the suit the Glowackis are bringing against the Howell Public Schools would have you believe that there is.

Glowacki and his mother Sandra Glowacki deserve to be forcefully, widely and persistently ridiculed for bringing a lawsuit whose aim is to have a public school’s anti-bullying policy declared unconstitutional. Many media reports from around the time of Daniel Glowacki’s disruptions of Jay McDowell’s Spirit Day presentation have Sandra Glowacki alleging that her son Daniel is not a bigot and has gay friends — that he would defend them if they were harassed or attacked.  Daniel Glowacki too apparently told media that he is not bigoted against gay people.  If those statements then were sincere, then why are the Glowackis now bringing a lawsuit stuffed full with ghastly, unconscionable defamation of gay people?  The Complaint document says more than once that all homosexuals are leading a “destructive lifestyle.” Shame on Sandra Glowacki and Daniel Glowacki for authorizing for such a malicious, gay-bashing document to be presented in a U.S. court.  Shame! Shame directly and unendingly on Sandra Glowacki and her son for allowing that hateful dreck to serve as fund-raising advertising copy for the Thomas More Law Center. They should be asked how the gay Jewish Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger‘s lifestyle can accurately and legally be described as “destructive.”

And, for an adult wishing to enable high-schoolers to gay-bash on the documentably fraudulent allegation that all gay people live a “destructive lifestyle,” Sandra Glowacki had some nerve to publish on her MySpace profile that she is a smoker, exposing her own children to second-hand smoke among other crap.  Catholic students in public schools may no more harass LGBT students with hateful, ignorant, gay-bashing theocratic nonsense than they may tell Jewish students that they will go to hell for not accepting Jesus, and not have that despicable Catholic thing told to the Jewish students be considered harassment and bullying.  Where public schools have sexual-orientation-specific anti-bullying policies, they do not state that only attempted Catholic justifications for anti-gay bullying are disallowed; they state that all anti-gay bullying is disallowed.  And gay-bashing members of the public thinking of donating to the Thomas More Law Center should go examine TMLC’s yearly financials to get a clear-eyed view of what these huckster lawyers paying themselves $236,572 and $192,227 yearly are actually up to with the do-re-mi.



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