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OccupyNewHaven receives winter gear from OccupySupply

Watch Cap

Watch Cap

The package from #OccupySupply  arrived on a Saturday 12/17 and I made an arrangement with Josh at the Occupation to meet Sunday AM.

Josh had a list of the 24/7 campers and he was able to do a Mic Check and gather everyone. What a special moment to see the people awestruck with the Occupy label, union made and made in America.

In their own special way they expressed  gratitude knowing that there are people out there who genuinely care and are doing something to support them.

Kudos and a standing applause for Jane and all those at

Seventeen people received watch caps, scarfs and polypropylene underwear. There wasn’t a moment wasted before the watch caps and scarfs went on. Last evening the temps went to 14 degrees and I’m sure those Polar Fleece blankets were in use.

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