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In Honor of Dear Leader

Comrades!  Kudos for your honoring the death of Dear Leader by erasing a diary that not only mentioned “He who must not be named” but also advocated voting for him.  Stalin would be proud(or would it be Pinochet?).


The diary entitled “In defense of R*n P*ul” was scrubbed from this site because though it reasonably argued for voting for “He who must not be named by loyal Democrats” it was marked as spam.  The author of the offending diary did mention the issues a progressive may dislike about “He who must not be named”, but thank goodness they did not use the best arguments for voting for “He who must not be named”–his  promise to close all foreign bases and bring home ALL military from overseas, thus saving billions if not trillions; and his vocal defense of civil liberties and the Constitution.


Let the candidates talk about racism and social security(Obama’s pay-roll tax cut is a brilliant underhanded way of funding social security through the U.S. general budget instead of the payroll tax, thus making legitimate the argument that social security is partly responsible for the deficit and should be cut/eliminated–hmmm, maybe Obama isn’t that different from “He who must not be named” when it comes to Social Security) because without the money to rebuild this country and the civil liberties to protest without fear of being renditioned without trial everything else is irrelevant.


Dear Leader must have tears in his eyes from the way you have honored his leadership! . . .  Or maybe his tears are from the fires of hell.


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