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A Christmas message for America

I listened to the GOP parrots, in their final Iowa
Presidential debate mimic the same fear-mongering tactics they have used for
years to divide the USA into the Red and Blue States. Then I listen to the
corporate media give their commentary of the debate in the morning of 12/17/11.
I still had hope that President Obama could pull us out of the hole the GOP
buried us in. By that evening Obama again caved in to the Red and Blue dogs in

The GOP and Media want us to focus on the economy and not
history. History is the key to the future. It is clear the Red and Blue Dogs
destroyed our economy and reputation. It is also clear that the rich and
powerful have used fear-mongering and narrow minded religious zealots to divide
and conquer throughout history. Seventy-seven years ago I inherited the USA the
most respected and leading lending Nation to ever exist. We were known as the
home of the free and brave. We used to have a Democratic Party that did
represent the less fortunate and working America and a Republican Party that
represented the more fortunate. Some seem to thing we still do. True democrats
blame republicans and republicans blame democrats. Common sense should tell us
that is by design. The truth is there has not been a Democratic Party or a Republican
Party ever since 1980. They are now one in the same. Our problem is the Red
Dogs and Blue Dogs in Congress that have divided us into the red and blue
states, not President Obama. Everyone knows a dog will cater to the hand that
feeds them. Corporate America feeds Congress and the Media? The Corporate Media
could care less who our President is. They make their living playing both ends
against the middle. Congress is the pot of gold for the rich. We are exactly
where corporate puppets in Congress have led, us desperate and hungry. We are
divided, disrespected, hungry and the leading debtor nation to China the
Communist atheist nation that supplied the arms to kill our Troops in Korea and
Vietnam. If you are looking for someone to blame get your head out of your ass
and look into a mirror.

Evangelicals just can’t believe that history never ended when
man wrote the Holy Bible.  The truth is
our Forefathers used their knowledge in history to write one of the most
admired documents ever written, the Constitution of the USA.

For this American the most important freedom given to me in
our Constitution is the right to put all my faith in what life has taught me to
believe. As a child I was forced into the doors of a Southern Baptist Church
every time the doors were open by the most loving, caring, Good Samaritan Mother
in the world. By the time I was a teenager I knew for sure that anyone that was
not a Southern Baptist was probably going to hell. With the death of my Mother when
I was a young adult I hated anyone that said God saved their loved one through
prayer. I became a non-conformist. In our society that is like putting a turd
in the punch bowl. In my adult life I have never found a reason not to believe
there is an Almighty God that created all living things. I’ve found no reason
to know who or what God is or why an Almighty God needs me to believe in him or
her or why God needs a chosen anything. I found every reason to believe God
needs us to believe in US as in a United States. I know how far backwards
America has gone ever since we armed Israel making Muslims to turn against us. Also
the Evangelicals abandon the democrats when the Supreme Court ruled that a
Woman has the right to choose. No one calls God a murderer when we have an act
of God such as earthquakes or tornados. The only reason I see to force our
women to have children is to have enough to fight the holy wars for the rich
and Evangelicals. Do the Muslims hate us because we have had it so good (as the
rich and evangelicals want us to believe) or do they hate us for playing God?
It is my guess and probably the guess of Muslims that we gave Israel the atomic
bomb. If so why? Does an Almighty God need Americans to protect Israel? If
there is a God he clearly proved whose side he was on in our Civil War and the
Second World War. God also proved he was not on our side when we attacked
Korean, Vietnam or Iraq. I served in the Air Force under our only
Commander-in-Chief that had the courage and wisdom to Honor our Constitution in
my adult life. It may be most of our children and grandchildren owe their lives
to President Kennedy. When the only other Superpower, the Soviet Union moved
their missiles into Cuba threating us he never attacked them. He knew they had
as many weapons of mass destruction as we have. He formed a block aid around
Cuba and they backed down and removed them.

I wonder how many Americans recognize the list of
fear-mongering tactics the red and blue dogs in Congress have used to divide us
into the most fearful nation on Gods Earth. Every fear-mongering tactic the GOP
parrots used in the Iowa debate. The fear of God, government, Muslims, taxes, a
woman’s right to choose, labor unions, homosexuals. Results, the rich has
gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer. If Americans would follow the
money they would realize the Tea Party was formed because our young people that
elected President Obama realized where the Evangelicals that elected George W
Bush was taking us.

We are about to celebrate Christmas the most hypocritical
holiday in history. The GOP says they can’t help Americans without jobs until
we build the oil pipeline that will make the rich richer. Sounds like blackmail
to me. Why wouldn’t there be more jobs in America if we made the Christmas
lights lighting up Evangelical homes that are now made in an atheist nation?
How much ignorance can a God ignore? You will not hear a red or blue dog in
congress tell us the best way to put Americans back to work. Common sense
should tell us the best way to put Americans back to work and give America a
present for Christmas is to tell all Americans to take back the foreign made
presents they bought and trade them for anything they can find made in America.
What not to buy includes products made in Japanese factories in the so called
right to work (Red) states where their employees make 25 dollars an hour less than
Union paid employees. That alone would help to secure my Social Security. It
would also put a hole in the heart of the red and blue dogs in Congress that
are pawns for the rich and powerful that has gotten richer by selling our
Nation out.

The bottom line is we simply can’t allow the rich and
Evangelicals sacrifice anymore of our sons and daughters in another Holy War in
Iran. Let them have the atomic bomb and dare them to use it as President
Kennedy did. Re-build the Democratic Party that used to represent the less
fortunate and working American’s. Re-build our once United Labor Unions that
gave us a middle class. Let the rest of Americans have the Republican Party
that represents the more fortunate. As bad as it is I hope to God, for the sake
of my children and grandchildren we don’t fall again into the hands of Evangelicals
in the red states. United we Stan-Divided we Fall

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