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Saving one animal will not change the world but it will change the world for that animal.


A quiet week at Chez Tigre.


Daniel the 26-toed kitteh has made it to local TV. It’s nice that Daniel will stay with the shelter that first rescued him and he has now helped rescue. Shelter mascots that I’ve seen are spoiled rotten, the way kittehs should be.

Not only a stress reliever but a Zen master to boot.

You too can get yer name listed somewhere in the Smithsonian Institution.


Teddy the talking porcupine is fast becoming a celebrity. And rightfully so. Not too much of a cuddler I imagine but he certainly is cute.


Hey, dude, what’s dis fing?

Obi Wan.

How many Maru’s can we handle?


Share your tiger stories with us.

Perhaps the Way of Heaven may be likened to the stretching of a composite bow! The upper part is depressed, while the lower is raised. If the bow-string is too long, it is cut short; if too short, it is added to.

The Way of Heaven diminishes the more-than-enough to supply the less-than-enough. The way of man is different: it takes from the less-than-enough to swell the more-than-enough. Who except a man of the Tao can put his superabundant riches to the service of the world?

Therefore, the Sage does his work without setting any store by it, accomplishes his task without dwelling upon it. He does not want his merits to be seen.

Tao Te Ching, 77, Lao Tzu

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