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Predictions for 2012 before the campaign starts

1. House flips back to Dems in spite of Tea Party redistricting shenanigans. If poll numbers translate into votes, incumbents ESP. 2010 rookies are turned back. They need to pick up 25 net gain

2. Senate goes back to Republicans, Dems have twice as many Seats to defend. Real Clear Politics has 8 seats as toss up. 6 of them Dems, very vulnerable like Tester (MT), McCaskill (MO) and Nelson (NE), no chance to hold Dorgan’s seat in ND. Trending as a hold for Nelson (FL). other than Warren over Brown in MA, not a great chance for D over R plus having to hold open seats in NM, CT, VA and WI

3. President Gingrich. maybe this is my own wish to punish the Hope And Change phony that is Obama, but unless galvanized by the continued success of OWS, I see less turn out of blacks, Latinos and Millenials underwhelmed to take a day off from work to stand for nine hours in the rain

3a. Obama wins versus Romney as the anti-Mormon, Tea Party, lunatic fringe runs a 3rd party candidate like Bachmann Against the hated Romney

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