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A Clean Victory for Trolls

Violent/murderous (so-called), vicious, impolite, frequently banned, and often abused by majoritarian groupthinkers, internet trolls across the world wide web are cheering today and vigourously flipping off the epidemic herd mentality after a federal judge dismissed a criminal cyberstalking complaint against a California man on free speech grounds.

In a nutshell, the Judge opined that posting on a blog is not the same as communicating a threat directly to another person through email, snail mail, telephone calls or face to face, and therefore blogging is a protected form of speech.


A “Blog” is a shorthand term for a “web log,” i.e. a log or web page maintained on the World Wide Web. A Blog is like a bulletin board and contains whatever material its sponsor decides to post. It does not send messages, and there is no limitation on the length of statements that may be contained on a Blog. Like a bulletin board, it does not communicate except to those who voluntarily choose to read what is posted on it.…

You can ban us, loosers, but you can’t shut us the fuck up by attempting to manipulate the US justice system to further your own nefariously unconstitutional aims.

Or, to put it another way, in the conservative sports schticker Dan Patrick’s semi-famous formulation:

You cant stop us, you can only hope to contain us.



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