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One would think that former Iowa Congressman Fred Grandy (R-IA) would be a welcomed addition to Newt Gingrich’s field of supporters, however when you look deeper into the antics of Grandy you’d probably think otherwise. Newt’s New Endorser: OWS is a Muslim Brotherhood Plot!;
Grandy, never at a loss for the preposterous has now added to his growing list of absurd claims by stating that the Occupy Wall Street movement is being funded and guided by Muslim extremists: ” At a tea party event in Maryland in October, Grandy warned that Occupy Wall Street was being propped up by the Council American Islamic Relations—which, according to Grandy, is in turn a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. Is #OWS part of an Islamist plot to take over the United States? In the eyes of Gingrich’s newest endorser it is.”
So does Grandy’s endorsement represent an outlier in the Gingrich campaign or is it a matter of birds of a feather flocking together. I think you can vote for the latter based on this: “in linking Occupy Wall Street to Islamists, Grandy is only marginally more out-there than the man he’s supporting for President. Gingrich, as we’ve reported previously, has gone from courting Muslim leaders in 2001 to filming documentaries about the threat of stealth jihad. In 2010, he called for a ban on Shariah law in the United States.”
So when it comes to flip flopping does Gingrich have the goods on Romney or is he himself just as guilty of flip flopping for purposes of political practicality?
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