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Venting our spleens. A perspective.

Our current technology has given us some fascinating, fun and sometimes useful toys. We can now communicate from just about anywhere in just about any mode we desire or simply broadcast what ever is going through our heads at the time to the entire world. And all this has come about in the last 30 or 40 years.

But like most things this has turned into a double edged sword.   On the one hand we can make our views known to more than just a hand full of people. While on the other hand we can make our views known to MORE than a hand full of people.

Here is irony of all this.

Back before the internet and satellite/cable TV and radio, the likelihood of anyone outside of Topeka KS knowing what someone who lived there thought of anything was pretty damn remote unless he was asked by someone in the media. And this was not likely unless he was somebody with a whole lot of clout and prestige to begin with.   Now we have the ability to know this but there is a caveat.  If he is not of the same mind politically, theologically and/or some other way, this person will either not share his views on some blog or news group or website. Or if he does, would wind up being chased off as a troll or some other trouble maker.  Either on purpose or incidentally.

In other words we have managed to make our new found modes of communication even more segmented and segregated than they were in the past.   At the same time we go out of our way to point out anything that we disagree with or find irritating or disgusting  in those who do get media attention but generally only to those who are of like minds.

I have also noticed a mutual thread with the internet and street preachers.  That the blogs, diaries, websites with outrageous, over the top titles and texts get the most activity. Where as those that are more reasonable and sensible get far less activity.

And the other media are simply a reflection of this. The ONLY reason that there was not a 24/7 replay of the bombing of Pearl Harbor or the Battle of Britten is because the technology did not exist.  And the only reason there was not a plethora of websites both condemning and applauding Nazi Germany is because the technology did not exist.  And the only reason we did not hear or see someone expressing his rage over the market crash of 1929 is because the technology did not exist that would have allowed it.

And there is a reason for this. Even though we like to view ourselves as rational, reasonable and practical human beings, we still enjoy the excitement of and stimulation we get from those things that are outrageous and over the top. And we all love the attention we get when we ourselves are this way. It stimulates our egos.

So as we sit and vent our feelings and thoughts remember that each of us, even those of us who are more reserved,  enjoy being a “street preacher” though we may only be preaching to the choir.

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