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Introducing’s #OccupySupply Headquarters

In the 8 weeks since we began the Occupy Supply fund, we have raised over $140,000 — 100% of which has been committed to purchasing supplies for the 74 occupations we are now proudly serving.

Ryan, Jane and Bev have been working their tails off and can now report that over 12,000 items have been ordered or shipped to the occupations to-date via our outstanding network of 106 member liaisons nationwide.

(Quick round of applause for those 3 — they are doing the work of 100 people and it’s been a truly inspiring experience to work alongside them on this project. Kudos!)

There is incredible work being done by our FDL brethren, and you’ve probably seen some of the diaries and pictures they’ve been posting at myFDL about their experiences.

We absolutely love it, and in an effort to corral all of the wonderful feedback we’ve received from our liaisons and the occupations they work so tirelessly to support, we are excited to invite you to check out our brand new #OccupySupply Headquarters:

Curated by our very own dakine01 (who’s been doing great work with our Occupy the Blog series), there’s a ton of fun and interesting stuff to be found on our new page:

We have featured stories, showcasing exceptional reports from our liaisons in the field, as well as an archive of all Occupy-related posts that have been written here at FDL. Our coverage page is also where you can find a number of ways to support the movement and the Occupy Supply fund — petitions, various supply fund donation options (including our store), and our wonderful activism kit featuring our “How to Protest in Winter” tip-sheet and exceptional How-To on livestreaming at MyFDL.

You’ll also find our beautiful video and photo galleries stocked with heartwarming photos sent in from our liaisons of their deliveries and interactions with their local occupations. We’ve also included other Occupy-related photos and videos for you to look through as well.

Finally, in addition to the front page of FDL, you can turn to our coverage page for an up-to-date count of the amount of money the supply fund has raised and spent, as well as a list of links if you would like to register to join us on one of our Occupy Supply Liaison meet-ups every Wednesday and Sunday.

This page is a work in progress and we’ll be adding new content daily. If you have any diaries or pictures we missed, please send them along to and we’ll make sure they get added.

We really cannot express our thanks and gratitude for everyone’s support, and we look forward to working with you to come up with new and innovative ways to support your local occupations.

And if you like what we’re doing with the supply fund, please join us to affect change in your own community and become a member of Firedoglake today.

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