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Christian Pastor’s Stinging Rebuke to the Anti-Gay “Concerned Women for America”

The so-called Concerned Women for America recently released a video with the fatuous gasbag Janice Crouse delivering a veritable greatest hits parade of fraudulent assertions demonizing gay human beings. Given that the alleged topic of the video is “The Challenges Facing Marriage in the 21st Century,” a viewer could wonder why Crouse deceitfully alleges that anal cancer is “very prevalent” among homosexuals.

CWFA describes itself as a “US coalition of conservative women which promotes Biblical values.” I spoke about this CWFA video with the Reverend Doctor Nancy E. Petty, Senior Pastor of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“One of the actual threats to marriage in our society today,” Pastor Petty tells me, “comes from people misusing the Bible to define marriage. If you look at the Old and New Testaments, you will not get one picture only of what constitutes marriage. In fact, often in the Bible, men had numerous wives, and women were bought and sold as property. The claim that the Bible defines marriage for today is false.”

“It’s interesting,” Pastor Petty continues “to listen to how this woman — and others in the extreme right wing — spins marriage equality as something that supposedly undermines marriage. She talks first about co-habitation and promiscuity, as though these were not elements of the human condition.  And the statistics she uses, many of them strongly negative about gay people, don’t seem applicable to the arguments she’s trying to make, which I think are not well-founded. I don’t feel that Janice Crouse is a person interested in talking about how to strengthen commitment in relationships and how we as a society can support people’s commitments to each other. To the contrary, the things she talks about are tangential to that. She has taken an ideologically-driven position against same sex marriage and has chosen to use very divisive phrases to instill hatred and fear in people about this issue. She is saying these things from a place of hate and intolerance; that video is not at all about the substance of how to talk about and to encourage loving relationships.”

“It’s shocking, where she starts going on about social science, saying that equality supporters believe love is the only thing that matters, and that the field of social science contradicts this idea. There are many heterosexual marriages where one spouse is abusing the other, and the children too are being abused, so I’m not sure I understand how that woman can claim that what’s most important for marriage is not love but rather that the couple is heterosexual.”

Crouse indeed maliciously portrays gay human beings as being virtually incapable of long-term commitment. Readers should be sure to note this article on a gay couple recently married in New York after a 52-year relationship.

Pastor Petty continues “The real assault on marriage is to be found in right-wingers’ support of inequality within marriage, with a man given more power than a woman. If you look at what Jesus said about relationships, he calls us into relationships that are loving, just, compassionate and equal. Where Crouse says that love is not the most important thing in a marriage, her argument is morally, spiritually and ethically bankrupt. The real assault on marriage is Crouse’s use of hateful language spoken in a total void of what love means. For obvious reasons, it does not work well, generally, for a homosexual person to marry a heterosexual one. Where one social group, feeling itself superior, is beating another group down in order to get ahead, that is not talking about what is of value in loving commitments, and it certainly is not an authentically Christian way of being. The foundational Christian message is to love one another.”

In conclusion, Pastor Petty says “When it pops up on that video, Concerned Women for America . . . . well . . . . this is one woman that they are not representing.” To view the signatures of dozens and dozens of other clergy for whom the maliciously anti-gay Concerned Women for America do not speak, go here.


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Scott Rose

Scott Rose