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BLock the Vote…Un-American

Have progressives and conservatives become so battle hardened in this nation, that the most fundamental tool of democracy is once again in jeopardy?  Has “Citizens United” emboldened, or rather, reawakened a dreadful frame of thought that once was the norm of this nation, just 48 years ago?  Perhaps it is an extreme hatred of a President who looks different than his 43 predecessors.  I have not a single concrete answer or assertion to anything I have just stated.  However, I can recognize the perilous course in which this country’s political ship is sailing towards, and “the storm is brewing!”

It is astounding to witness the vitriol that has fed the feverish appetite of the most recent and hateful legislation found in over half the States of this great Union.  I cannot see how we further democracy by placing unnecessary obstacles in front of American voters.  In other words, nothing can be more despotic in this republic than impeding those who vote, from wielding the only weapon afforded them by our great Constitution.  

One hundred and seventy six years ago, Alexis De Tocqueville inferred an awesome truth, he said “the further electoral rights are extended, the greater is the need of extending them; for after each concession the strength of democracy increases, and its demands increase with its strength.”  The strength of America is and will always be Americans!  That means all of us.  This nation was not founded on perfection, nor is its history viewed as pure.  Be that as it may, the United States has progressed into a place where all classes of citizens can enjoy a political voice.  Why then, should that progress be stripped away?     

We as citizens will always be entitled to our own opinions; however, we shall never enjoy something so silly as our own facts – there is a difference.  “Blocking the Vote”, will in-fact delay, restrict, or even turn away many voters who tend to favor Democrats.  Are minorities, college students, and even our elderly less American; because, they tend to favor liberal thinking?  This seems to be the attitude of various State Legislative Authorities. 

No matter the direction of our discourse, or who is in office, we should support the voting rights of each other.  Not to do so, is to eventually deny ourselves those same rights.  We are all Americans first.  This should be remembered with vigor and enthusiasm.  Once again, we are at an extremely important crossroad in our lives; digression from fundamental rights can only make our citizenry impotent.  Therefore, I leave you with this cautionary quote. 

“Nevertheless, the events of every day ought to impress upon our minds the necessity of studying that element which threatens us; and for a generation which is manifestly called upon to witness the solemn and terrible changes of the constitution of the empires of the earth, the deadliest sin is thoughtlessness, the most noxious food is prejudice, and the most fatal disease is party-spirit.”

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Brandon Duran

Brandon Duran