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‘Netanyahu firsters’…

Hanin Zoabi is still my heroine…!

As Emptywheel noted today…

Senate Passes Defense Authorization

…Senator Franken sent out a statement explaining his no vote. It ends, “Today is the anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, and this wasn’t the way to mark its birthday.”

Folks, having just watched that latest Clown car pile-up in Sioux City, those War Drums are truly deafening…

The GOP field is unanimous on war with Iran over imaginary nuclear weapons program. Paul urged caution and diplomacy…

I would vote for Ron Paul if he were the Repug candidate, naturally, Hell would have to freeze over first…! But, to truly put it into it’s proper perspective, Philip Giraldi, had penned another masterpiece today…

The Inevitable War With Iran

One might regard the pledges made to Israel and its friends in the United States by aspiring presidential candidates as pro forma and vaguely amusing, but that would be a mistake. Policy commitments, even if they are lightly entered into, are a serious matter with real-world consequences. At the moment, the obligation to Israel goes far beyond the willingness to give Tel Aviv billions of dollars in aid and unlimited political cover each year. Every Republican candidate but one has affirmed that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of a “Jewish state,” the precise formula demanded by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and each has affirmed his or her eagerness to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which would end forever any chance of actual peace talks with the Palestinians and would also invite a violent reaction against Americans in many parts of the Muslim world. Michele Bachmann has even found a private “donor” willing to pay for the move. Newt Gingrich, who would shift the embassy to Jerusalem within his first two hours as president and who has also promised to name John Bolton as his secretary of state, has meanwhile discovered that the Palestinian people do not actually exist, which certainly solves the problem of the two-state solution or any solution at all. They were invented by hostile Arabs and are out to destroy Israel…

You really must read that entire article…!

Bloody Bill Kristol is truly bringing the leather… Kristol is going to ‘punch’ Obama administration…

Now, MJ Rosenberg, also penned a Must-Read…

The ‘Israel Firster’ brouhaha

Israel’s hawks don’t have their country’s best interests at heart.

…I wonder what happened to Israel – by which I mean the actual country and its seven million people.

It still exists, thank God, but one would hardly know it from the way its supposed supporters discuss it in the United States.

Take the brouhaha last week that started with this article in Politico. Its thesis was that some leading progressives are no longer part of a “pro-Israel” consensus and are trying to move the Democratic Party in an anti-Israel direction.

This would, of course, be big news, if it were true.

But it isn’t, and the only evidence presented in the piece is that many progressive bloggers oppose a preemptive war against Iran. Additionally, some argue that many of the people who promote military confrontation with Iran – and oppose diplomacy – are following Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s lead on the issue…

‘Netanyahu firsters’

Can anyone argue with the assertion that, for neocons, Obama is always wrong and Bibi is always right? Not only that, they denounce those who dare criticise Netanyahu over anything while never ever letting up on Obama. How can it be that the prime minister is always right but the president is always wrong?

But I need to offer a clarification. By the term “Israel firster”, I do not mean that right-wingers and neocons who advance bellicose Middle East policies are putting the interests of Israel first.

Far from it. They are putting the interests of Binyamin Netanyahu and his hardliners first. After all, if they were putting Israel first, they would not be promoting policies (such as war with Iran or the perpetuation of the occupation) that could very easily lead to Israel’s destruction or, at least, to the loss of its Jewish majority.

The people I call “Israel firsters” are, in fact, Netanyahu firsters…

McClatchy asks the timely question… ‘Who’s a terrorist?’

Bibi answered that question right quick… Violent Settlers Not ‘Terrorists’ Agrees to Calls for Military Detention for Suspects…

Fascism has marched in bearing the cross/menorah, folks…!


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