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Late Night FDL: We Are All Tim Tebow Now Except for Ron Paul

Blogging about tonight’s 874th Republican debate, The Guardian’s Richard Adams (via Ann Laurie at Balloon Juice):

9.16pm: Asked why he is so rubbish, Rick Perry claims that like star quarterback Tim Tebow – actually not a very good quarterback but he somehow still wins games – he can be better than he looks. “I hope I am the Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucuses,” says Perry. Perry will be lucky to be the Forrest Gump of the Iowa caucuses.

Yesterday, from Iowa Santorum backer Chuck Laudner:

Rick Santorum reached the milestone of visiting all of Iowa’s 99 counties in November, and he’s making return trips now — by car and minivan, rather than bus. Chuck Laudner, a Santorum backer, has been involved in many Iowa campaigns. Laudner suggests Santorum is a bit like the underestimated quarterback of the Denver Broncos who has led the team to a string of surprising victories.

“They’re watching the Tim Tebow of the Republican process out there, working all the way through the 4th quarter,” Laudner told Radio Iowa this morning.

But then there is Ron Paul:

Perhaps the most telling result from the PPP poll, however, is this: among those polled in Iowa who view Tim Tebow unfavorably, Paul is the first choice of 38% of them! Among those who view Tebow favorably, however, Gingrich is ahead with 29%. (Paul is second among this group with 25%) To me, that is as clear a sign as any that Paul cannot win the Republican nomination. Because among Republicans, if you don’t like Tim Tebow, you don’t like Mom, Apple Pie and, uh, er…..America.

Mitt Romney probably loves Tim Tebow until Tim plays against the Patriots on Sunday at which time he’ll hate hate him, but then Mitt will probably love Tebow again on Monday depending on what his pollsters tell him and then there there’s the data collected from the focus group sooooo … let’s just put Mitt down for “no comment” on Monday and he’ll get back to us late Tuesdayish…

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