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Just wanted to do a quick Occupy the Blog! post to capture a few nice Occupy Supply related diaries from the last few days since the first one went up Sunday.

From Sunday, we have this diary from pastfedup and Salt Lake City:

I met Sam at just after 4pm at the Gallivan Center (their present camp location) and we went into their media tent. There were 3 other guys and a young woman inside, and they were pleasantly surprised when Sam told them about the supplies. The box was opened immediately, and their eyes got wide as they peered inside and took it all in.

I was explaining what was in it, but I think they were only hearing every other word, if that. Then the questions came – where did this come from, who made it, and especially “Was it made just for us?” when they spied the words ‘Occupy Supply’ on the hats and scarves. I guess maybe they were just expecting stuff from a used clothing store or something, because they got all excited when they realized that it was nice, new stuff. I explained that it came from Firedoglake, it was new and union-made in the USA, and that FDL was doing this very same thing in over 60 cities all across the country.

Monday brought us another diary from popyeye99 on Occupy St Louis and one from moistenedbink on Occupy Providence. From moistenedbink:

That brings me to Occupy Providence. It is boring. They have not been raided or pepper sprayed or hassled. They took over Burnside Park with a march of 1500 people. (General Ambrose Burnside – father of the sideburns). They have approximately 60 overnight sleepers with others rotating during the day. The state politicians have taken the walk down from the State House on Smith Hill to talk to them. The Providence city council has sponsored a resolution in support of them. There is no police presence but police will help when called. The mayor is going through the courts to get them evicted but their pro bono legal counsel has managed to get that delayed time and again. On Saturday they held a march in conjuction with homeless and foreclosure activists with a police escort to the State House. Ten tents were allowed to stay overnight on the State House lawn through negotiations with Governor Lincoln Chafee, a judge and the legal counsel. But they are making a difference. They are educating people who come through to find out what it is all about. They are situated between City Hall and US District Court and well within sight of the financial district. They were able to negotiate moving for one day so the city could winterize the underground sprinklers in the park. Once they were allowed back in the occupiers took up the task of raking leaves and reseeding the grass that had been killed off under the tents. They won’t make the “if it bleeds, it leads” national news but they are out there and have the backing of churches, homeless advocates, foreclosure activists and the community at large.

New diarist Sandy Maze tells us about Occupy Olympia:

Occupy Olympia’s first package from Occupy Supply arrived at my house on December 1, 2011. The hats, socks and scarves were enthusiastically received by grateful recipients.

My main contact at the encampment is a young woman named Audrey. She and her husband Alex, both students, have two small children and have been core participants from the outset, setting up and maintaining the medic tent which distributes supplies and dispenses first aid.

I first encountered Alex in the early weeks of the encampment on a cold rainy day in late October. I went to the medic tent and asked what supplies were most needed. Alex responded that 8 x 10 foot tarps were needed as something in which to wrap cold, wet, shivering people coming to the medic tent in the middle of the night on the verge of hypothermia. I returned later that day with a load of tarps, and used fleece blankets and jackets but looked around at the cold, muddy encampment and was overwhelmed by the enormity of the need in evidence.

Thank you to all of our wonderful Firedoglake Occupy Supply liaisons for your efforts. These are your stories and the stories of people just like you.

Below is an updated slideshow of pictures taken for Occupy Supply at some of the efforts around the country:

This link is to an FDL Activism Toolkit in case you want to write a diary for your local efforts (or just wish to write a diary at MyFDL for whatever topic you choose). Keep us informed as you fight the power!

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