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Occupy the Ballot Box?

Yesterday, in Balloon Juice comments, I wrote:

There are factions of Occupy that are quite radical; it is an anarchist movement, after all. Rather like a US political party internally, come to think of it. (Link.)

Could it be? Could Occupy be the seed of the next major US political party? Let’s see: young people, check. Women, check. Libertarian left, check. Women and young people are the groups most getting stiffed by the Rs and Ds, and therefore the groups with the most to gain. Libertarian left (anarchist) because this is the USA, and US politics has an anarchist streak. Left because the far right has exhausted its ideas, and the moderate right is already represented by the Democratic Party.

If we see defections to Occupy from House progressive Democrats, then the revolution will be well under way. Take a look at Raul Grijalva and Jesse LaGreca talking, link.


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