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Occupy Hilo Gets Busy…

Occupy Hilo in solidarity for the West Coast Port action

As an active participant in my small, local Occupy, I would like to opine on some of the trials and tribulations experienced in trying to get an actual Occupy off the ground, and, also highlight the amazing efforts being exerted by even such a small entity, both on the National level and at the Local level…!

At the local level, we’re tackling two immediate problems that have arisen lately, the first is stopping the shenanigans being played out in the latest gerrymandering efforts by two County Council incumbents, and then in stopping a draconian bill to impose criminal and/or hefty financial fines to local home builders for deviating from the County Code! Fines of up to a $1,000 a day, for each day of non-compliance…!

Now, on the National level, certain members are actively pursuing a National Constitutional Convention for the 2012 ballot in all 50 states…! Seriously, Four states only require a letter requesting a new Constitutional Convention to instigate the federal Con-Con process…! Iowa, Ohio, Maryland, and Hawai’i…! What should be noted is that those 4 states’ actions alone could provide the necessary impetus for a viable Nationwide push to overturn the abhorrent Citizen’s United decision, amongst the numerous other Constitutional violations occurring of late…!

Now, we’re a small Occupy that has experienced some serious turbulence along the way….! I’m sad to report that Occupy Hilo’s GA attendance has shrunk dramatically of late, simply because many felt the ‘Hawaiian Sovereignty’ issue was being featured front and center. What I’ve been trying to do, amongst some others, is point out that their problems are our problems too…! After all, we’re all in the very same boat, in the middle of the very same Ocean…!

This is also an Occupy Supply diary, so I shall tell ya’ll about what a Morale Booster it was when the Occupy Supply care package was finally delivered by me( I was atop Mauna Kea for the last two GA’s)…! I will be providing some pics of Occupy Hilo members sporting the Beanies and Scarves, when we finally Occupy Hilo this Saturday…! I’m personally spearheading the initial actual Occupy, and, we’re truly looking long term…! Even the 2.0 version, Occupy Foreclosure is being actively investigated…!

As Jane has said numerous times during all the weekly FDL Liaison’s webinars: “FDL is winning the ‘Hearts and Minds'”…!

It truly is…! *g*

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