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Ambition – a Social Disease or Personality Disorder

Do you know what ambition is?
I don’t think so. I bet most people think ambition is a good thing. It isn’t really. Ambition is a word for a description of behavior that depicts a person as “in pursuit of a goal with blinders on”.

Kleptomania is a personality disorder. It means that a person cannot help but take something that does not belong to him (or her). It is a malfunction of the brain which has the victim filled with a craving desire to have something. Whether the motive is to just take what is not theirs to punish them for depriving him of what he is entitled to or to get back at a bad relationship or whatever irrational complexities are at play are probably a result peculiar to the victim and how much time has passed as the condition manifests and mutates.

I submit, AMBITION IS A PERSONALITY DISORDER like klepto. In fact, ambition is the flip side of the same coin. Whereas with klepto the victim is attracted to a certain object, the ambitious person is attracted to a certain objective.

Think about it.

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