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The Wall Street Sponsored Police State is now rolling down Main Street

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SHAME ON CONGRESS—ALL OF THEM!  Democrat and Republican/Tea Party Jerks alike!

Shame on them for their lies and criminal legislation against the people.

BUT MOST OF ALL–SHAME ON THE REST OF US, for putting up the the 1% and their crimes against humanity. We can still stop them in 2012 if we stand up and believe in ourselves and make sure that we do have other choices in 2012.  Find out what you must do to run for Congress in 2012 as an Independent. It would be a start if we outnumbered them in the House of Representatives in January of 2012.  It can happen, but not without you and me.

If any American comes up to me in 2012 and makes a comment that they must choose between “the lessor of two evils”, they won’t be liking what they hear coming out of my mouth.  We will have no one but ourselves to blame if this happens.  Now, if you needed a push in the direction of running for office, here is just one more reason to kick the ass of every incumbent up for election in 2012 out of office–those in power are creating laws and bringing weaponry into play that they are already using against the 99%!

YOU must do something now.  Don’t wait for someone else to stand up.  If not you, then who?  The other fellow you say?  Why he or she may be waiting for you.  We need hundreds of leaders to step up to the plate for 2012–at least 435 of them.  We can do it.  We have 435 U.S. Congressional Districts.  Their average population per district is 600,000 people.  Surely we each have one qualified person per district who can do a superior job to the current incumbent.  I know we do!   Please stand up and run as an Independent.  Don’t worry that you don’t want to–in fact, that’s a plus for the people. No one in their right mind actually wants to go to that hell-hole with those greedy Wall Street demons, but we must.  We really must.

Time is running out in many states for candidates to file to run as Independents for US Congress.  Go to your the website for your state’s Secretary of State or call their office and find out what hoop you must jump through to run as an Independent candidate in 2012.  Texans!  You only have a few more days.  December 15 is the last day to file your intent to run as an Independent.


Another First for the Obama Presidency, but I don’t think Obama will add this to his bragging list.


Police are using Sound Weapons use to “Fight Terrorism” on Occupy Protesters.

The Political Fail blog reports that “Out of the tragic events that unfolded on September 11, 2001 came what feels like an entire new world, some might even call it a new world order. Since that day the fear level of many people went up as a result of government and media propaganda designed to keep people from realizing that everything is always changing and the past can no longer hurt us. The most unfortunate on-going effect from that collective consciousness alteringday is the fact that so many people have been trained to always be waiting for something bad to happen, and as a result have become their own terrorists by creating tools meant to harm and/or control other humans. One of the tools created out of fear of what might happen is called an LRAD machine, (Long Range Acoustic Device) which emits a debilitating high pitched noise that can be concentrated and directed at a group of people or even a single person. The devices were designed to be used against foreign “enemy” combatants such as pirates or other dangerous people, but are now being used by domestic law enforcement as crowd control tools, even when the crowd is in full control of their actions. . .”

Addendum to link above:  be patient.  it takes about 20 seconds to load because there are two videos associated with the article.

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Liz Berry

Liz Berry