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Watercooler: Merry Theremin Christmas!

I continue the quest for alternative Christmas music this season -much to your chagrin.

I fully admit: I am a theremin FREAK! I want one. I’ve never played one, but it looks like a kick.

And I am as special as the following peeps are. Just saying. First on deck – Nothing says Christmas like Monsieur Pekkanini with his rendition of White Christmas:

See? I said SPECIAL and I meant it. Like this next guy, to whom I’d give my now-defunct Devo Energy Dome since he so obviously needs it.

Behold O Tannenbaum as you’ve likely never heard, or seen, it before:

I love him. O to achieve the off-in-the-distance stare that only he can do in a performance! ENVY!

I am so rude though. Monsieur Grillo will explain to you how the theremin is played. Yes, I have this in my favorites, for the lovely and frabjious day I ever own a theremin.

A day, which I assure everyone, will surely come, and which all shall rue.

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Kelly Canfield

Kelly Canfield