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Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: West Coast Port Shutdown Action (Evening Edition)

All day, actions have been happening mostly up and down the West Coast at ports, where Occupy groups have been trying to shut down the ports. The morning shifts at ports were targeted by Occupy LA, Occupy Long Beach, Occupy San Diego, Occupy Oakland and Occupy Portland. Now a wave of actions have been underway to shut down ports during the evening shift. has posted a round-up on all the action that has happened so far today. For additional photos and links, here is the morning live blog.

Firedoglake’s premier live blog continues now with updates on the evening actions at the ports. Here is a Twitter list to follow for the latest updates. Send any news tips, questions or updates to All times are EST.


11:26 PM From Portland shutdown action, Portland mercury blogger reports:

10:43 PM It’s official: Occupy Oakland General Assembly approves action to shut down the 3 am shift at the Port Oakland. Actions will continue into December 13 after police violence in Houston, San Diego and Seattle.

10:04 PM After police violence, Occupy San Diego does what they said they would do and prepares for a second day of port shutdown action.

9:51 PM Reuters story on the port shutdown actions. Features some good photos from the day.

9:40 PM The Guardian, as usual, has an outstanding live blog on the West Coast action. Many of the items I have covered here today but just in case I missed something, you might want to check this blog.

9:33 PM Occupy Oakland General Assembly to discuss extending the West Coast port shutdown action after there is police violence at Occupy Seattle (flash bang grenades deployed, etc)

9:30 PM Slate‘s Dave Weigel pens a nice post on how Occupy is transforming liberal activism. Specifically covers the port shutdown action today.

9:28 PM In Sacramento, charges against 40 Occupy Sacramento arrestees dismissed.

9:15 PM Another photo from Occupy Oakland port action (via @bradleysa)

9:10 PM Inside Bay Area reports that ILWU spokesperson is not asking any overnight shifts to show up due to Occupy Oakland and port shutdown action

8:50 PM According to Occupy Portland, terminal four was shut down. “A contingent” stayed to make sure it remained shutdown. The majority moved on to “close the Schnitzer Steel terminal.”

8:47 PM A post I wrote today on the NYPD’s treatment of press and the importance of filming the police at Occupy protests.

8:45 PM Twenty-five or so people with Occupy Vancouver locked down the port this morning.

8:40 PM Gavin Aronsen with Mother Jones posts this photo of thousands at the Port of Oakland

Port workers were sent home with four hours pay, according to rap artist Boots Riley, a key organizer of the West Coast port shutdown action.

8:34 PM @Enmesarra posts this photo of Occupy Seattle blockading the 1 & 2 entrances at the Port of Seattle:

Police have deployed flash bang grenades to disperse Occupy Seattle protesters.

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