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Does the New “Justice Party” Finally Offer a Choice for Disaffected Lefties?

I don’t know the answer to that question, but I’m hoping that the answer may be yes.

Many of us are tired of being yoked to the Democratic Party/Lesser Evil Party because we have not had a viable Third Party alternative.

What about the Greens?, you may ask. My own opinion is that as long as the Greens have been around, they must be lacking something to have been so ineffective for so long while the major parties have enthusiastically screwed over the 99%. I happen to live in Virginia and they don’t even exist for all intents and purposes in this state – I think in the last election cycle they nominated 2 candidates for school boards!

Anyway, now we have the nascent Justice Party appearing on the scene with their Presidential candidate Rocky Anderson, former Dem mayor of Salt Lake City. Here is their website for your perusal.


They don’t appear to have a stated platform which is what I am waiting to see. (When I say nascent – I mean nascent! They seem to have about 15 members right now. Jumping in now would be like buying McDonald’s stock when Roy Kroc had one store)

I for one will happily join any liberal/labor/old school Dem/social justice/environmentally responsible/safety net protecting expanding/single payer advocate Party that I can find when and where it finally fills the vacuum that nature and I have been abhorring for a long, long time.

There is A LOT happening right now in terms of 2 Party dynamics. You have Americans Elect/No labels warming up in the bull pen if they don’t like the Republican candidate (which they won’t). Then you have Ron Paul who isn’t running again and has a big, committed, Libertarian base who will probably follow and support him in another Republican splinter.

Democrats would be wise to not be too complacent over these developments. The fake third party Centrist/Moderate NL/AE will siphon off all those weird Democrats who think Obama is too liberal. Then the Democrats will find themselves relying on the liberal-left flank which the Third Wayers and the White House insiders have gone out of their way to distance themselves from and insult. Mainstream Dems have always had as their trump card the unanswerable question – “So who you gonna vote for?” or the second runner-up “Supreme Court! Supreme Court!” Consider a world where those 2 quandaries have a response.

So imagine a Presidential race in 2012 with 5 or 6 candidates for President:

Republican candidate
Ron Paul
Americans Elect Fake Centrists
Dem/President Obama
Justice Party Rocky Anderson
Green Party

Game on!