Peace on earth, … and … good will to all … ???

I’m not Christian, but I like Christmas songs.  Especially Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.  Anyone, even me, can sing the sucker.  Even with my monotone run-for-the-hills voice.  If there’s a group, then I will even join in for other songs.  Every group needs a monotone right?  Here’s hoping so.

But isn’t this supposed to be a time of good will and peace for all?  Fuck if I know.  Reality has become some skewed bizzaro universe where nothing is logical.  It’s not even that up is down and down is up.  Nothing means anything anymore.  Words have no meaning.  They can mean anything or nothing.  Sometimes both at the same time.  The conventional “wisdom” from “experts” (paid hacks) and our “leaders” (who don’t give a whit about the common good, … maybe they think it’s socialism, … no, they’re just corrupt and bought) is beyond baffling and clearly shows how corrupt and greedy they are.  They say things which make no sense and then in the next moment utter the opposite.  And in this bizzaro world, it’s all OK.  WTF?!

So it’s the Christmas season.  And I’m thinking about the propaganda and commercialism of the whole thing.  They tell us only good kids get presents.  They tell us be good for goodness sakes.  Be kind to one another?  Or is this one obsolete?  How about peace on earth and good will to all?  Obsolete?

But why spread these blatant lies that have nothing to do with the real world?  Even the movies and TV shows are the same way.  They speak of love, sacrifice, and tell was hippies have been saying forever.  (BTW, JC, that guy was a total hippie, … loose hanging clothing, sandals, … I mean bloody hell he wore sandals, not polished shoes or Prada or Jimmy Chus, … no idea if they even make men’s shoes, … and peace and love??? – hippie, …. help the weak, defenseless, and poor??? – hippie, … curing illness without charging anyone for it??? – “socialist” hippie, … talking about the evils of money an the money-changers, and usury??? – and now he’s a “commie”.)  Movies and TV shows always show the “little guy” winning against injustice or fighting for the common good.  Even war movies show soldiers heroically placing their lives for this country, aka sacrifice for the common good.

But this has no bearing in the world of the PTB!

So why do it?  I think they do it to make us civil.  They do it so being civil, playing by the rules, and sacrificing are wired into our subconscious.  All the while they rape, pillage, and kill.  And with us sacrificing.  If you think about it. it’s kinda genius.  They’ve created an entire reality for us that makes us subservient, and to work within the system.  A system they crated.  It makes us passive.  Violence is bad, right?  Then why are they waging wars and killing innocents across the world?  Often with us sacrificing to do so.  So they can benefit.

If I was a sociopath, this is the system I would create.  I could do whatever I wanted, and all the sheeple would play by the “rules”, that I bloody created.  To benefit me.  While they sacrifice.

This also explains how so many sociopaths hold public office, are in charge of corporations, and are in control of the system.  They weed out the tree-hugging hippies, who want no part of it.  They weed out most people who can’t stomach the orders they are given.  And that leaves the sociopaths.  The ones who can follow orders no matter what those orders are.  Why not?  They’re sociopaths.  They literally don’t care about right or wrong.  There is no right or wrong.  That’s why amorality is the main business motto.  It’s just business, it’s not personal.  Sociopaths drool over this shite.  Finally, they can do what they want without society looking at them in shock because of their actions.  Not only are they not shunned and rejected by society, we actually praise them, recognize them, and call them successful.  We hold them up for adoration and examples of success.  They’re gutting society and the masses are applauding with fervor.  Finally, they have a world that they understand.  It’s not personal, it’s just business.

They tell us to play by the rules.  Their rules.  But they don’t.  Bloody hell, they don’t even follow their own rules.  They change them at whim.  Their whim.

They tell us be civil.  While they are the opposite of civil.  They crush people.  They enslave us in debt.  They enslave us and our families.  They imprison and torture us.  They kill us for things we have not done and they call it justice.  And they tell us to be civil.

They tell us to be tolerant of intolerance.  They are intolerant of women, homosexuals, the poor, middle class, … heck anyone not them.

So ya, they own the place.  And the masses cheer more loudly.  As America falls to greed and corruption.

What more could a sociopath want?!

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