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Occupy Pittsburgh: Bank of New York/Mellon Posts Eviction Notice


BNY Mellon, owners of Mellon Green, the small park housing the Occupy Pittsburgh encampment, dropped the first shoe and served notice late Friday that they want the occupiers out of the park. The tassled loafer hit the floor when representatives from the bank arrived at the occupation wanting to present an eviction document. When no-one at the camp would accept it, a sign was posted on the green. BNY Mellon, citing alleged safety concerns, has given occupiers until Noon today (Sunday) to vacate. In the notice, BNY Mellon states their intention to seek a court injunction to evict the residents.

The notice’s deadline date coincides with a large and well-attended effort to revamp the camp, named “Occupy 2.0”. Camp residents, unwilling to leave Mellon Green, continued with the renovation as planned today – relocating tents, raising a larger army surplus mess tent, clearing more public space in the park, laying walkways and creating public facilities including a library and community tent areas.

The Occupation also countered with a notice of their own – citing alleged financial illegalities by the bank and urging public officials to resist pressure from BNY Mellon. Pittsburgh City council has previously issued a proclamation in support of the occupation.

Photo by: Raymond “Dimitri” Beljan – used by permission. All Rights Reserved.

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