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Candidate Obama: “I actually used to be a plaintiffs’ attorney that represented whistleblowers.”


Questioner: “Hi, Senator Obama. I appreciate you giving us the opportunity to ask some questions. I’m an attorney who represents federal whistleblowers, and I was very disappointed when I learned that you supported the bill that lets phone companies off the hook when they’ve helped the federal government, without warrant, wiretap phones.”

Candidate Obama: “So you want me to respond.”

Questioner: “Yes.”

Candidate Obama: “Well, let me first of all say this: I actually used to be a plaintiffs’ attorney that represented whistleblowers. And, in fact, I wrote the brief for the federal – for the federal whistleblowers’ law to make sure that it applied in more situations. It went all the way to the Supreme Court and we won. So I know a little bit about whistleblowing. And making sure that those folks get protection.

That was not the issue in this situation. The issue here had to do with a program, a surveillance program… [gives 5 minute answer justifying giving immunity to those who spy on the American people, then urges folks to trust him because, once he’s in office, he’ll do things right.]”

And on and on. This is our president. A former whistleblowers’ attorney.

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