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Occupassionata, Original Music Written in Honor of the Wall Street Occupiers

The universe begins where my skin ends . I am made up of the elements left from dead stars . I am mostly water. I am made of plants and animals. Plants are a function of my lungs because they provide the air I breathe. In each cell of my body is an seperate organism which co evolved inside the primitive cell , the mitochondria. I was born because one human needed more than just themselves and could only find happiness in another . I was provided for by the universe through my parents for nearly two decades as a child . Since then other people all over the world have provided for me through their efforts by producing my food , shelter , clothing and everything I depended on outside of what nature provided for me and my very next breath . I am part of a larger whole and compassion is no more than self awareness.

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Rescued from Real People, Boston’s De-Occupied Dewey Park Now Re-Landscaped for Passing Motorists



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