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Come Saturday Morning: Scott Walker, Bill Haslam, and the Cost of the Bullets

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You may have heard about this last week:

Under a new policy unveiled late this week by the Walker administration, protesters who apply for permits to protest outside government buildings in Wisconsin may be charged for clean-up costs and the presence of police officers. “Gov. Scott Walker now wants to charge protesters for the time that the police that will monitor them and presumably pepper spray them,” Current TV’s Keith Olbermann observed last night.

Turns out that the City of Nashville and Bill Haslam, Tennessee’s Republican governor, have similar ideas about putting price tags on free speech and dissent.

Remember how worked up conservatives used to get over China’s charging the families of executed prisoners (political and otherwise) for the cost of the bullets used to kill them?

Funny how the killing of free speech in America doesn’t seem to bother them at all.

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