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Find a nice comfortable chair and get a shitload of popcorn ready as we watch the EU PTB turn a crisis into a disaster.

  • “The key item on the agenda is a Franco-German proposal on budgetary discipline, with automatic penalties for eurozone nations that overspend. Pre-summit talks between Britain, France and Germany broke up without agreement as each set out its position.” Eurozone crisis: Talks to save euro begin in Brussels
  • I wouldn’t normally link to HuffPo but I’m gonna make an exception with this twofer. Naomi Klein speaks at TED on Addiction to Risk and one of TED’s Senior Fellows, Cesar Harada, looks at new ways to deal with oil spills. TED is a wonderful program and their site will really stimulate those little gray cells. The talk on spider silk is amazing.
  • “Little progress has been made to resolve a dispute between Pakistan and NATO as two key routes supplying troops in Afghanistan remain closed for a record 13th day. The standoff is raising fears of shortages, and is further fraying ties between Pakistan and the United States. For the thousands of truckers stranded along the border, however, it’s a cause for celebration.” Party on, dudes!
  • Beautiful powerful anti-war song by Jackson Browne with Dawes: Lives in the Balance at Zuccotti Park Occupy. This was uploaded on 7 Dec and I’m gonna assume it was filmed earlier that day.

Editorial cartoon.

Marx in the Morning

For those have watched or are watching Prof Wolff’s Intro to Marxian Economics, at the end of Session 3 he holds up a DVD and tells the class to watch it. That DVD is a documentary he made in 2009 titled Capitalism Hits the Fan. In it he traces the roots of our current economic crisis. YouTube has a presentation of the film with a Q&A with Prof Wolff at the New School in NYC. The film itself is a shortened version but I highly recommend it.

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