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Hannity’s Years of Lies Hurt Middle Class Taxpayers

Sean Hannity has been for years claiming that tax breaks giving extra-sweet low rates to the rich have been necessary to create jobs. This has brought economic debate in DC to a head, particularly following the failure of the Supercommittee to find any agreement after Republican members insisted on preserving tax breaks for the wealthy.

Obama in a recent speech in Kansas has finally commented on “trickle down”, saying “It doesn’t work. It’s never worked.” So today, Republican leaders in the House and Senate were asked to provide examples of the job-creating millionaires that have been the recipient of government lovin’ for a decade.

The GOP could not point to any. It turns out, the entire program has been a disasterous, debt-exploding lie. In fact, the businesses that have been creating and maintaining jobs in the US have almost all fallen under the threshold for the Bush Tax Cuts. Only 1% of businesses that create jobs have qualified for the Bush cuts, the rest all going to wealthy money-hoarders who never deserved it.

This has been the long term result of listening to or trusting broadcaster Sean Hannity, whose claims are never openly vetted for the public interest, rather are broadcast in a right-wing echo chamber in which the callers and guests all agree with the host and articuate liberal callers are “screened out”.

We provided proof here that showed Hannity was lying about jobs and tax cuts based on 2009 data, but the same conclusion was reached more recently when the Washington Post analyzed a 2011 report issued by the US Treasury. The data consistently showed that 98-99% of business that produce things and create jobs do not qualify for the Bush Tax cuts.

NPR went looking for the millionaire job-creators this week and found no one. Since these cuts have been taking hundreds of billions out of the economy since 2001, it’s added a terrible strain onto states and middle class taxpayer to make up the shortfall. Budgets were cut, firehouses were shuttered, class sizes were increased, hospitals closed, jobs were lost. But because it was based on a lie (these tax cuts are needed because the millionaires make the jobs), it’s time now to be reclaimed with interest and to hold the liars accountable.

Despite being wrong in claiming the US ever needed to invade Iraq, despite being easily proven wrong in his economic claims, Sean Hannity still eludes accountability. Over all these years, his real aim has been to personally save hundreds of thousands via the Bush Tax Cuts while the middle class has struggled – and to steer spending towards war profiteers.

These have been our country’s most important issues, with both the Iraq war and the tax cuts for the rich adding over $1.7 trillion to the debt our children will have to pay, as Hannity’s children inherit tens of millions.

Hannity is still the biggest radio broadcaster in his time slot. But after burning Americans on Iraq and the economy, he really needs to cite data when he makes claims. My suggestion is to go to a format of open debate, using informed, articulate parties from both sides live on the air. This would at last fulfill Hannity’s legal requirement to serve the public interest, which we see over a period of many years, he has not served.

Below, check out a video of Hannity’s show repeatedly lying, baselessly calling #OWS protesters “morons” and “idiots” while incredibly claiming Rupert Murdoch and the Kochs have no involvement in Wall Street! As the fact-checking shows, they have little care about offering any evidence for claims of incredible economic consequence.

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