What on earth is Dr. Ronnie L. Baity talking about? When he refers to “sex perverts” in the Macy’s dressing room, he’s referring to the fact that the department store chain, long known for its support of the LGBT community, recently fired an employee at a Texas store for telling a transgender customer that she could not change in the women’s dressing room. For more, watch the ABC video below. The former employee, Natalie Johnson, has filed a complaint with the Federal Employment Commission, citing her religious beliefs “prevent her from recognizing transgender people.”

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Baity, the founding pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC and head of the fundie org Return America, is a well-known anti-LGBT force in the state, preaching bigotry and bias from the pulpit. His views are so extreme as to be laughable, but what isn’t funny, however, is this disgusting e-newsletter he put out this week in the wake of the Macy’s dust-up (emphasis is mine):



North Carolina Department Store Believes Diversity Should Apply In Women’s Dressing Room

A Macy’s Department Store in Texas recently fired an employee because she refused to allow a young man to return to a ladies dressing room.   The employee said she told the young man that he could not go back into the women’s dressing room after she saw him exit the ladies dressing room. The young man was with a group who later filed a complaint against the employee.  The store manager informed the employee of the company policy which allows lesbians, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender people to change in any dressing room they desire.  Because of the employees religions convictions, she was fired.

Macy’s in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

On this date (December 7th, 2011) I called the manager at Macy’s Hanes Mall Store in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and asked if their policy was the same as their Macy’s store in Texas.  I was even more specific and asked if a crossdresser tried to enter the ladies dressing room would he be allowed to do so.  I was told by the manager that they do not interfere with the individual rights either of their employees or their customers.  I further asked her if a sex pervert came into the store and sought admittance into the ladies dressing room would they allow him to do so. I received basically the same answer.

We would recommend to our readers that for the safety of the ladies, they refrain from shopping at Macy’s Department Store. Since it has been determined that Macy’s will not prevent such events from happening and will literally stand with the perverts, it would be recommended that ladies not shop at Macy’s until such a time their policy is changed.

We would also recommend that churches inform their women about Macy’s policy and place hundreds of phone calls to Macy’s Department Store expressing your displeasure about their store policy.

I personally would not feel comfortable if my wife, daughter, grandchildren, or those whom I pastor entered a ladies changing room at Macy’s Department Store.

Please share this bulletin with as many people possible and light up the switchboard at Macy’s Department Store.

They get by with this perversion only because Bible believers are silent and refuse to get involved.  Stand up and be counted!

First of all, what “safety” is he worried about? People go into a dressing room — which have individual stalls with doors — to try on clothing, not to cruise, molest or assault other patrons of the store. In fact, I’m pretty certain that quite a few female customers at Macy’s all around the country have already been in a dressing room suite with someone who is transgender and the didn’t know it. And guess what? They went about their business, purchasing clothing.

The other matter is — and why give Baity ideas, but what the hell — if he’s so worried about “those he pastors” getting hit on in a dressing room, then why not ban lesbians? I’m sure he thinks we’re just as predatory. I’d like to see him pull all the non-existent reports of dressing room assaults.

Baity’s attack on Macy’s is just one of many deranged and damaging actions against the LGBT community. For instance, friend of the Blend Jeremy Hooper at Good-As-You has documented Baity’s ridiculous, insulting and homobigoted views — readily available in the form of video sermons by the pastor.

Pastor Baity admits that if his children would’ve joined a gay-straight alliance, he would’ve “sat down in the middle of next week.” We think you can guess what that means…Naturally, it’s because The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trisexual, apparently) community wants to use their “lifestyles” to “recruit” folks towards the “urban renewal program” experienced by Sodom & Gomorrah, since the homosexuals’ “pleasure in doing evil” is “the one sin in the Bible that causes God to act swiftly.”

Perhaps Baity should just stick to the pulpit with his garbage. His statement on “biblical morality” says:

We support the promotion of biblical morality in society– abstinence outside marriage and fidelity within marriage. We are opposed to the use of public funds to promote homosexuality as an acceptable life-style—whether in the classroom or in state policy. We are opposed to pornography in any form. We are opposed to gambling.

If you want to drop him a line to let him politely know that Macy’s and its diversity policies are harming no one, and the only “sex perverts” in dressing rooms are the ones in his filthy mind, here you go:

Return America Email: returnamerica@hotmail.com

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding