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Some facts about Marvin Windows and Doors Barack Obama conveniently left out of his speech while praising this union-buster

Some facts about Marvin Windows and Doors Barack Obama conveniently left out of his speech while praising this union-buster

by Alan L. Maki on Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 9:24am

Barack Obama held up Marvin Windows and Doors headquartered in Warroad, Minnesota as his idea of a company that cares about its workers— have Richard Trumka, Leo Gerard, Bob King and Jimmy Hoffa had enough of Obama’s lies, now?


Marvin Windows and Doors is a company that engages in racist hiring practices; pays poverty wages of $7.50 to 10.00 an hour to most of its employees and has reduced the wages of these poverty paid workers by over $800.00 a year this year while pushing workers to produce more for less pay. Most of the workers employed at Marvin Windows and Doors are so poor they are on some form of government assistance and their children even “qualify” for free and reduced price school lunches as the government subsidizes the wages with Food Stamps.


Every worker Marvin hires is scrutinized by a union busting detective agency before they are hired.


The Marvin’s big boast is that they have hired violent thugs to thwart and stymie three union organizing drives by the Carpenters Union, the Teamsters and most recently the International Association of Machinists.


The Marvin Family runs the City of Warroad as a company town. A Marvin is the Mayor. The Marvin Family and their relatives own just about every business in town including the one bank and the one super-market and even most of the gas stations.


The Marvin Family contributes to both the Republicans and the Democrats including making huge campaign contributions to Minnesota’s two most reactionary Democrats who would feel right at home in Mississippi— U.S. Congressman Colin Peterson and State Senator LeRoy Stumpf.


Maybe Richard Trumka should consider one more organizing drive at Marvin Windows and Doors to find out just what kind of candidate the AFL-CIO is backing in Barack Obama.


What Obama doesn’t say is that he heeded the advice of the Marvin Family in chucking the Employee Free Choice Act.


Why would Marvin Windows and Doors want to lay-off employees during tough economic times when they can force workers to produce more for less pay while the government subsidizes the living standards of its employees so Marvin Windows and Doors can drive its competition out of business selling shoddy products touted in their advertising as the best in the industry while boosting its profits making billionaires out of the Marvin Family in an area that is the most impoverished region in the Nation, second only to Appalachia? Oh, yes; Marvin built a brand new plant in the right-to-work state of Virginia because it could reduce its labor and resource costs even further.


By the way, here in Warroad, Minnesota, this is the only place in the United States that I know of where the Mayor tells the Chief of Police to take battered women to jail and the psych ward because, “We don’t have a women’s shelter.”


The local casino owned by Red Lake Gaming Enterprises works hand-in-hand with the Marvin Family to keep wages down.The Mayor of Warroad determined that it was against the law to distribute union leaflets on any public sidewalk in Warroad because sidewalks are really privately owned and the owners are just kind enough to permit people to walk on the sidewalks provided they don’t pass out union leaflets while walking on the sidewalks.


Marvin Windows and Doors— welcome to Barack Obama’s wonderful new world of a new kind of labor relations intended to create and enforce poverty.


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Alan Maki

Alan Maki