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He’ll leave that to a small clique of short-fingered vulgarians

Someone apparently awoke Mitt Romney and told him he had “spice it up” — having watched all of his DVD collection of ‘Top Chef’ Romney decided they were right, but shied away from something too spicy (like cilantro) and apparently went with “Mrs. Dash”:

Mitt Romney will not be attending the upcoming Republican presidential debate moderated by Donald Trump, citing scheduling conflicts.

Oh he dared pissed off Trump, how brave. Now it looks like it is going to be Trump, Gingrich and Santorum only, sitting around and commiserating about how gay people are making pre-nuptial agreements less awesome.

And Romney devised a new media strategy:

“I’ll be on Fox a lot,” he said. “Because you guys matter when it comes to early primary voters.”

A Republican going on Fox…brave.

And he’ll be ramping up the campaign with his base…




Man of the people!

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