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Occupy CD2: Eastern Oregonians Ask “Where’s Walden?”

Oregon Congressional District 2 (from Wikipedia)

Oregon Congressional District 2 (from Wikipedia)

Oregon’s Congressional District 2 is a expanse of about two-thirds of the entire State east and on the desert side of the Cascade Mountains. Eastern Oregonians had quite the day on Monday attempting to track down their US Congressional Representative elect, Greg Walden. (Click the link to go see a photo of demonstrators holding a banner that says “Where’s Walden?” [taken by Clyde Keller]).

Constituents visited the La Grande, Bend and Medford offices throughout the afternoon and into the evening. (Click to go see a photo of marchers holding signs saying “i AM THE 99%” [taken by Clyde Keller]) Twelve constituents went to the La Grande office in the early afternoon to demand an open town hall but were essentially told that they would have to chase Rep. Walden down at any public appearance anywhere that he might make. An hour later, veteran constituents crowded the Bend, OR office and Walden’s aides attempted to get them to leave by pretending the staffers had an off-site meeting with a homeless veteran. No one could confirm the meeting with Office of Veteran’s Services outreach staff. About two hours later, pizza was delivered to constituents at the Bend and Medford US Congressional Representative’s offices while they waited, refusing to leave until Walden agreed to holding accessible People’s Town Halls. Plain clothes police appeared at the Medford office to investigate about 4:30 PM. By about an hour later, Oregon Public Broadcasting was on-site at the Bend office collecting constituent interviews. At about 6 PM, local television broadcast station KTVZ “notified Occupy CD2 that the police were on their way.” This announcement was heard over the police scanner.

Protesters Occupy Walden’s Office; 8 Arrested

Demanding Town Halls, They Refused to Leave

By the NewsChannel 21 Team
POSTED: 5:38 pm PST December 5, 2011
UPDATED: 10:44 pm PST December 5, 2011

Seventeen police officers arrived just before 7 PM at the Bend office where six constituents were waiting and five police officers were dispatched to Medford where arrests of constituents took place. Just before 8 PM,

Six constituents in Medford and eight constituents in Bend were arrested minutes ago for refusing to leave Rep. Walden’s offices until he agreed to simply hold public town halls.

Acting in solidarity, 15 people met the Bend arrestees as they were escorted out of the office with signs and the chants, “we are the 99%” and, “where oh where is Walden?”

The Medford Six were brought to the courthouse, cited, and released. Bend constituents were cited and released outside of Walden’s office.

They were cited with Criminal Trespass 2 and banned from going to Rep. Walden’s offices for one year unless invited.

Click to view more photographs of the activities of constituents in Bend (these are by Clyde Keller: Marchers Pass Well Fargo Bank (1), Marcher Pass Wells Fargo Bank (2), Constituent Sue Bastion Holds The Megaphone, Marchers Hold A Discussion, Constituent Kathy Paterno Holds The Megaphone,
Constituents Meeting at in Bend OR US Congressional Representative’s Office (1), Constituents Meeting in Bend OR at US Congressional Representative’s Office (2), A Bend OR Resident Shows A Sign of Support and Gratitude, Mr. Delgado’s Speech To The Marchers and A Constituent Holds A Life Size Cardboard Figure With Caption, ‘Where Is Walden?’).

Note: My sincere apologies to all for my mistakes in the preparation of this post.

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