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North Carolina expose on anti-gay group NOM should be required reading for us all


While this isn’t as glamorous as a Lady Gaga song or as shocking as the slur by Neil Patrick Harris (or NPH for those who want to perpetrate like they know him) against the transgender community, an expose published yesterday by the North Carolina gay publication QNotes on the National Organization for Marriage  and its campaign against marriage equality in the state is very important and very vital for us all to read.

Enough of the “we already know this” chatter.  The fact of the matter is that many of us don’t know the things we should know about NOM and a lot of us who do aren’t taking the time to educate our friends and families, or making a loud enough stink about it,  or supporting the publications which bring this information out (full disclosure – I contributed to this expose):

In past campaigns, NOM has been caught pushing obvious misinformation, lies and spin.

This year, the group came under fire for misrepresenting supposed “legal scholars” opposed to marriage equality. Each of the several scholars cited by the organization were extremely biased and one, Robert George, is a former NOM board chairman.

NOM has also regularly exploited children in their political quests.

Also this year, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Politifact knocked the group for their repeated claims that legalization of same-sex marriage in New York would lead to kindergarteners learning about same-sex relationships.

The group has also attempted to link homosexuality to pedophilia — not once, but twice. The NOM-affiliated Ruth Institute has also claimed that homosexuality is a “learned” and “addictive” behavior.

In August, NOM accused gay activists of engaging in “jihad” to take away anti-gay Christians’ rights.

One of NOM’s first campaigns featured a billboard comparing a marriage equality supporter to Judas and Benedict Arnold. The group reincarnated the theme this year for mailers targeting pro-gay legislators in New York.

Equality Matters has provided a more in-depth run-down of NOM’s efforts in New York.

The entire expose is here.

Sometimes our community takes things for granted. In order to defeat NOM, we must expose the organization’s lies every chance we get, as well as support the publications which do the same thing.

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Alvin McEwen

Alvin McEwen