More Great News for Gingrich in Iowa

There are now two more polls, in addition to the two polls released last weekend, showing that Newt Gingrich has the lead in the Iowa Caucus. The PPP poll finds Gingrich with a nine point lead over second place Ron Paul. From PPP:

Newt Gingrich has taken the lead in PPP’s newest poll of Iowa Republican caucus voters with 27% to 18% for Ron Paul, 16% for Mitt Romney, 13% for Michele Bachmann, 9% for Rick Perry, 6% for Rick Santorum, 4% for Jon Huntsman, and 1% for Gary Johnson.

Gingrich has gained 19 points since PPP’s last poll of the race in early October.  Also showing momentum are Paul whose support is up 8% and Bachmann whose support is up 5%.  Romney has dropped 6 points since then with the other candidates mostly standing in place.

The Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that Gingrich has a 15 point lead in Iowa among likely caucus goers. From ABC News:

Given these views, 33 percent of likely Republican caucus-goers currently favor Gingrich for the GOP nomination, with 18 percent apiece for Romney and Paul. Rick Perry garners 11 percent support; Michele Bachmann, 8; Rick Santorum, 7; and Jon Huntsman, 2 percent.

In addition to these two polls, a third poll from CBS News/New York Times has even more good news for Gingrich. The poll finds that Republicans in Iowa believe Gingrich is the most electable of the nominees, barely edging out Romney. From CBS News:

In a CBS News/New York Times poll released Tuesday, 31 percent of likely Iowa caucus-goers said Gingrich had the best chance among the current GOP field to defeat President Barack Obama in 2012. Twenty-nine percent said Romney had the best chance.

All other candidates polled in the single-digits on the electability question: Texas Gov. Rick Perry with 9 percent, Rep. Ron Paul with 6 percent, Rep. Michele Bachmann with 3 percent, and both John Huntsman and Rick Santorum with 1 percent.

The electability argument is one of the best arguments Mitt Romney’s campaign has. If the GOP base actually thinks Gingrich stands a better chance of winning a general election, Romney could be in real trouble and not just in Iowa.

Things are looking surprisingly good for Gingrich right now.

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