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Feelin’ about 50% better

Lately, I have uncovered an excuse for feeling maybe fifty percent better when I learn about the negative financial, emotional, societal, cultural, etc., effects that so many citizens of the USA are suffering through.


All I need to do is remind myself that about fifty percent of the complacent bastards have asked for it.


How do I get that number?


My understanding is that 63% percent of eligible people voted in the 2008 federal presidential and congressional elections. 2008 was a big year for participation, so 63% is a high water mark.


Given that the nation seems to be balanced close to a fifty-fifty split between the forces of Republican Party-leaning lunacy and Democratic Party-leaning timid resistance to that lunacy, maybe 30% (a truly conservative estimate of half of 63%) of those now being pounded into poverty have previously been voting and onboard with the sick Rethuglican (sic) agenda of the plutocrats and their servants for a long time now. Some are still Tea Party enthusiasts.


In addition to the active and already sizable percentage of so-called “conservatives”, I add the number of supine citizens who were eligible to vote, but did not make that symbolic gesture and indicate, by casting a ballot in primaries and general elections for the Leftist side of the available agenda, that they were at least flexed toward the side of love, justice, fairness, cooperation, and sanity that genuine Progressive Ideals indicate.


As the Rethugs have demonstrated, the way to ratchet the process to the Progressive side would be to vote for the most Progressive candidate in the primaries! Decades of ultra-right wing agitation in Republican primaries has precipitated the current crop of clowns running in the Rethug presidential contest, practically guaranteeing that a certified loon of some stripe will get their party’s nomination.


So, adding the 30% “conservative” aspect of the voting population, and most of the 37% who usually don’t vote at all, something like 67% percent of the new people who find themselves descending into poverty voted for a doddering clown like Ronald Reagan, voted for one or more of the Bush bastards, voted for local right-wing federal and state political thugs over the recent decades, or didn’t vote at all in most elections.


I’ll cut a little slack to those Progressives and intelligent Independents who were faked-out by Clinton and Obama, and therefore cut my lack of concern down to an overly generous 50%. But everyone has to realize by now what grinning con artists those two Democratic chambermaids to the financial oligarchs have proven themselves to be.


For those who affirmatively voted for the tragic and accelerating slide into deeper chaos and insecurity they now are witnessing, I have decided not to waste my concern.


The non-voters are the absent ones who acquiesced by apathy. They neglected their primary duty to participate in the political struggles of the day, as a real citizen is compelled to do. For them, I simply hope that they engage in the fight eventually, and vote for the more sane side when, and if, they finally do.


I feel only ghost pangs of sympathy for those who have actively and/or subserviently assisted the world’s worst vampires to plot this national, and international, nightmare we will continue to endure for an unknown period of time.


Too bad it’s not ONLY right wing tools who are being savaged. But if it’s close to fifty percent, as I assume, I’m thinking there is a fat silver lining to the wide-spread misery.


You may not be able to harden a part of your heart, as I have done, but hitting the skids is probably the only way that a lot of formerly smug right wingers will ever have their hearts softened. It’s a tough lesson for anyone to learn, but they are the ones who have always been in favor of “tough love”, haven’t they?


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