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The Music that Binds: Occupy DC and Freedom Plaza DC

DC is kind of unique in that it has two grass-roots movements which are located only a few blocks apart from each other.  The goals of both the Occupy DC folks and the October2011 folks are largely shared – mainly, to give a voice to those who are no longer represented by our government, and to speak out against the uncontrolled influence that moneyed interests and corporate America have on all three branches of the government.

Today Jackson Browne was at Freedom Plaza to show support; his music has always been powerful in getting the people’s message across, and he has been an inspiration to many.  It was a wonderful and uplifting performance; I invite you to go see

Occupy DC and the October2011 coalition in Freedom Plaza have been intertwined with each other since October 6th.  October2011 has participated in many of the actions and marches held by Occupy DC, and likewise Occupy DC has participated in the October2011 actions.   When each has in turn been threatened with crackdown or eviction by the authorities, the other has always been there for support and solidarity.   A wooden structure was erected at MacPherson Square yesterday, intended to provide a warm space for the General Assemblies over the winter.  The structure was also dismantled by the park police yesterday after several arrests, and as Kevin Gosztola noted in the Dissenter yesterday, the people from Freedom Plaza were there in solidarity when the park police arrived to make arrests and dismantle the structure.

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