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Outrage – Church tells HIV+ patients to stop taking meds, claiming they were ‘healed’

The “healing process” involves the pastor shouting over the person being healed for the devil to come out of their body, while spraying water in their face.

You know that the U.S. has fundie churches willing to put their flock’s health at risk with false claims of healing HIV+ patients through prayer and purportedly “de-gaying” through “de-demonizing” people. Across the pond, from Sky News, an undercover investigation into practices at an evangelical church in Britain.

There is evidence evangelical churches in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow are claiming to cure HIV through God.

Sky sent three undercover reporters to the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), which is based in Southwark, south London.

All of them told the pastors they were HIV positive – all were told they could be healed.

Once a month, the church has a prayer line, where people from across Europe come to be cured of all kinds of illness.

This sounds like bullsh*t exported from our charlatan churches:

One of the pastors, Rachel Holmes, told Sky’s reporter Shatila, who is a genuine HIV sufferer, they had a 100% success rate.

Ms Holmes said: “We have many people that contract HIV. All are healed.”

She said, if symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhoea persist, it is actually a sign of the virus leaving the body.

On a point of curiosity, aside from the general outrage at this nonsense, is why do these sects not recognize, through the lens of their own belief systems, that God —  through humans —  has allowed the discovery and creation of medicines, surgical procedures, and all sorts of medical advances? Why is prayer alone the way to cure disease? It makes no sense — and in the end, doesn’t work.

Ask Benny Hinn, the outlandish bogus “faith healer” who has bilked millions out of his flock.

Here we have America’s most violent so called “preacher” and false prophet, Benny Hinn. The bible speaks of laying hands on the sick, or the weak. No where does it say to punch, slap, or whip people with your coat. No where in the bible did people fall backwards and start convulsing like demon possessed people would. I’m sure the people at the “Benny Hinn Show” had an experience, but it was not a Christian one, and it certainly was not from God.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding